How to: Transition Your Beauty Routine into Fall

Image via STILL

I don’t know about you all, but fall is easily my favorite season. Something about breaking out every sweater I own and ordering my classic Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbuck’s never fails to put me in a good mood. Now with that being said, I must admit that altering my beauty routine to all things fall used to be a nightmare for me (lot’s of dry skin – we don’t talk about it). Until now. I have gotten the transition to fall beauty routine down to a science, so here are just a few tips on how you can do that too.

1. Use a thicker moisturizer or primer.

We all know that with dry weather comes dry skin. So, the best way to combat that is by upping the richness of our daily moisturizer in order to keep skin looking nice and refreshed every single day. I would personally recommend Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer in the Rich formula. It is everything I have ever looked for in a moisturizer plus more! 

2. Use darker eye shadows for a more pigmented look.

Darkening the color above your eyes is a key way to transition any makeup look into fall. Try to incorporate a darker brown or even a deep maroon into your crease. Check out this video for a tutorial on a classic fall look. 

3. Make a statement with a darker lip color.

A bold lip is a staple with every new fall season. So, break out your dark red and brown shades and try them out in your next look. Try experimenting with matte looks rather than sticking to classic glossy finishes. Check out this shade from Nars if you are in need of classic matte lipstick in one of their fall shades.

4. Test out a darker nail polish color!

My personal favorite part about fall is embracing each new season’s fall nail polish shades. I scour the aisles of Target searching for the perfect shade of taupe to match any and every outfit for the next few months. With that being said, I suggest Essie’s Carry On for an AMAZING shade of burgundy. 

5. Change your everyday fragrance to a muskier scent

Turning in our spring and summer floral scented fragrances is a rite of passage come every September. As it begins to cool down, we tend to look for more muskier smelling scents in order to fit the colder environment around us. Plus, taking a lesson from Bath & Body Works candles fall scents is never a bad idea…