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How to Make the Most of Your Busy Schedule

Let’s face it- this semester is the first one where we’re all fully back on campus and in person and it is BUSY. I know I feel like I don’t ever have any free time, and yet there’s all sorts of things I need to be doing. Here’s some tips on how to maximize what little free time you have to get stuff like laundry and chores done.

PLan your laundry for when you study

There have been times when I’ve been in my room studying for a test or doing an assignment and I end up spending a good two or more hours working. This is the perfect time to do your laundry for multiple reasons. One, laundry is a pretty passive activity so it’s not like it’ll really interfere with your study time. Secondly, it’s a great time to do laundry because you’re not really going anywhere so you have plenty of time to wash your clothes!

Wash your dishes when you use them

Living in a dorm doesn’t always make for the most convenient way to wash your dishes. I know I’ve procrastinated washing mine and let them pile up for a few days until I have to spend a good chunk of time washing them. If you wash them as you use them, it makes it much quicker and easier, which I know we all want.

Set a day to pick up packages

I don’t know about the rest of y’all but I definitely online shop a bit more when I’m here at school than when I’m at home, just because I don’t always get a chance to go to the store or whatever. This means I get quite a few packages but I don’t always want to be stopping in to the office to pick them up. I’ll typically designate one day of the week where I go and pick them up, and I try to plan it on a day where I’m passing by Hughes-Trigg anyway.

Don’t forget to grab some food

Look, sometimes we get so busy that we just literally don’t have time to stop by the dining hall or somewhere to get food. But it’s super important to make sure that we eat something during the day because otherwise you get to the end of the day super tired and hungry, finally realizing you haven’t eaten anything in like hours. To combat this, sometimes instead of studying in the library, I’ll study in the dining hall, so I can combine a meal and working on homework. Sometimes you don’t even have that time, so I always make sure to have some sort of snack, whether it be a granola bar or some fruit, in my bag so I have something to tide me over.

Schedule naps

I know this sounds oddly formal but like it really helps! I work early in the mornings and sometimes it helps to have a nap to look forward to! If I designate time where I know that I can rest and relax, it definitely helps motivate me throughout the rest of my day of classes and other activities.

Hopefully these tips will help you make the most of your time when you have a busy schedule!

Natalie Clark is a junior at Southern Methodist University, majoring in English and Political Science on the Pre-Law track. She is a firm believer in a good nap. In her spare time, she likes to read, play tennis, and hang with friends. Instagram: @natclark424
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