How To: Think of a "Fun Fact" For Yourself

If there is one thing that I absolutely dread, it's getting asked to give a fun fact about yourself. Even after a whole five minutes of racking your brain, it just seems like the best you can come up with is "uh I don't know, I really like mac and cheese." Yeah, okay, but like everyone likes mac and cheese. We have all been in this uncomfortable predicament.  Next time you’re in a situation where you have to give a "fun" fact about yourself, especially when you can barely even think about a regular fact, keep these pointers in mind. 

1. Have you done something extreme or adventurous?

First off, if you've been skydiving and can't think of a fun fact then ~wyd~. If you've ever done something adventurous like jump out of a plane or hike up a mountain then BRAG ABOUT IT. However, if you're like me and are too scared to get a heart attack mid-air, then don't worry, there are a million other things you can say about yourself.

2. Have you ever had an injury due to something completely random?

Anything that includes an injury due to something out of the ordinary is always 10/10 a good story. I can tell you this from personal experience. I broke my wrist while wearing Heelys, not even 24 hours after I bought them. Needless to say, I’m glad they’re out of style.

3. Do you have a hobby that other people could consider cool or out of the ordinary?

Sleeping and Netflix does not count, unless you’ve binge watched a nine-season show in 24 hours or slept for a massive amount of time, but I personally wouldn’t share that with anyone. I’m talking about stuff like scuba-diving or even laser tag. Whatever it is that you’re into. If you can brag about it, it’s definitely worth mentioning.

4. Have you ever been in the right place, at the right time?

Ever caught a baseball or ended up on live TV? For me personally, I had the opportunity to sneak into the background of one of the NCIS episodes in LA and managed to be one of the extras. Sadly, I didn't make it into the episode, but I still have pictures with LL Cool J.

5. Also, have you ever been in the wrong place, at the wrong time?

If you’ve ever had a monkey throw poop at you, or if you’ve ever got caught in quicksand, then you know what I am talking about. This includes anything where you’ve ended up with the worst of luck, in the funniest and weirdest of ways.

6. Have you done something so many times that it now has just become noteworthy?

Have you been to a concert for the same artist multiple times, or have you ever had a ton of concussions for the same reason? Having something so rare happen to you more than once is definitely a good fun fact.

7. Have you ever met or had an encounter with anyone famous?

This one is self-explanatory. 

For me, this includes almost seeing Shaquille O’Neil twice. Story Time: I used to go to the same school Shaq used to go to, and one day he stopped by and made a visit. Sadly, I had a doctor’s appointment that day and left 10 minutes before he got there. Fast forward a couple of years when I went on a high school excursion to London, and we all had the option to either go to the London Eye or go to Piccadilly Square. I went to Piccadilly Square and my classmates saw Shaq while on the London Eye. I have yet to meet the guy.

8. Last of all, Do you know a lot about something, especially something uncommon?

Do you know an odd amount about dogs or JFK? Do you know more than one language? These qualities are something to boast about, but beware, because people might put this fun fact to the test.  Especially if you tell them that you know an extensive amount of the number pi.

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