How to Survive School Even When You’re Sick

As we approach the height of the flu season, many are beginning to fall victim to the disease. Overpowering, the flu will dominate your life for several days; unfortunately, this does not excuse you from your responsibilities. It can be challenging, but tackling your commitments such as school is achievable. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you stay on top of things even when you are feeling under the weather!

1. Talk to your professors

I cannot stress enough how important this is! Communicate with your professors to allow them to understand your situation. This may lead to an easier workload or perhaps extended deadlines.

2. Work ahead

If you sense you are getting sick, try getting assignments done ahead of time. You will thank yourself later when you do not have to write that paper while you are constantly blowing your nose.

3. Utilize campus facilities

We are lucky enough to have a one-of- a-kind health center with super nice nurses. Go in there at any time to get a professional’s opinion on your condition.

4. Still go to your classes

I know it is tempting to skip class when you are feeling sick, but try your best to go to your classes anyways! While most classes have strict attendance policies, physically being in class to take your own notes and listen to your professor is the best way to learn. Again, though, if you are feeling stressed, speak with your professors to allow them to help you conquer your classes when sick.