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How to Survive a Rainy Day on Campus

Picture the scene: Water is crashing down from the clouds, the wind is whipping all up Dallas Hall lawn, and the Giddy-Up you’re trying to flag down for a ride instead splashes you with water, soaking your Lululemons all the way through. Rainy days on campus are rough, to say the least, and are even worse if you are not prepared for the copious amounts of rain that fall upon our sweet city.

Coming from Southern California, the land of 70 degrees and sunny, I was very ill-prepared when, freshman year, I saw how much it rained in Dallas. I was so unprepared that I did not own an umbrella, much less a pair of shoes that were water-resistant or even a raincoat.

Now that I am a seasoned veteran, a sophomore, I have become a little more accustomed to the rainy seasons here in Dallas and am here to help you get acclimated too.

Attire is by far the most important factor in determining the success or failure of your rainy day. After getting dressed in your twelve layers of rain gear, (here’s a link to a reverse umbrella that has actually changed my life) it’s time to step out into the cold, wet world. A major PSA to make your rainy day a little more comfortable is to stop wearing running shoes when it’s pouring outside because most of your sneakers are made with breathable fabrics that basically invite water to pool in your shoes and soak your innocent little toes.

Once you’ve finished your school day, I have found that the best technique to make the most of a rainy day is to immediately finish any school work right after classes. This may seem like a difficult feat after spending all day in lecture, but I have my reasons for postponing your after-school nap. By getting your work done immediately after class, you have the whole rest of the day to be strictly devoted to snuggling under your cozy blankets with popcorn, some friends and a movie. Rainy days are hands down the best time to watch a movie and stay inside, watching the rain hit your window and listening to its melodic pitter patter, so why waste most of it with work? Getting everything out of the way at the beginning of the day opens up your schedule for more fun indoor recreational activities, or cozy naps, whichever you prefer.

I adore rainy days, but mostly for the moments when I can appreciate the beauty of water falling from the sky from the comfort of my own or a friend’s room. So suit up in your best rain shoes, study hard through the day, and come back home to relax in your dorm with friends, snacks and a show for a guaranteed peaceful rainy day. Or if that’s not your vibe, finish classes and camp out in the library with a Starbucks until you can call a tap-ride to bring you back to your dorm and forget the whole rainy misadventure.


Image via Jack Finnigan on Unsplash

Madison Drummond is a sophomore at Southern Methodist University studying Journalism and Human Rights. Born in Southern California, a few of her passions include finding new music, going to the movies, dr pepper, and corgis!
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