How to Survive an Insane Academic Week

Have you ever looked at your calendar Sunday night and realized you have an insane week ahead of you? Same. Last week, I had the hardest week of the semester: five tests in one week. Somehow, I had the first test in every class the same week, and even worse, I had two days where I had two tests. I came out of the week drained but relieved that the worst week of the semester was over. So, how did I survive? What are the dos and don'ts for a horrible week of midterms, projects, etc.?

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1. Make a Semester at a Glance, or update your calendar or planner. 

If you haven't already, put all your exams, quizzes and project due dates down on one big calendar. Make it as detailed or as minimal as you'd like but just do it, it SERIOUSLY helps. Knowing what you have ahead of time allows you to not only prepare for tests but also for fun weeks and mini weekend trips. 


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2. Prepare the Week Before

The week before an insane week is extremely important. I personally try to get at least half of my studying done for every test the week before. I know it seems like overkill but as someone who has been there, it helps so much. If you struggle with something, you'll have plenty of time to get to office hours instead of freaking out the night before the test.

3. All-Nighters are Not the Answer

Ever. My mental rule is that if I don't know it by 1 a.m., then I just don't know it. People that do all-nighters are NOT doing college the right way. Just because a lot of other people do it doesn't mean you should - last semester, I never pulled an all-nighter once and still managed to get a 4.0. Believe me, studying during the day is way more productive than at night (at least for me, my brain turns to slush if I study after midnight).

4. Pace Yourself in Studying - the Week is a Marathon, not a Sprint

Pulling an all-nighter Sunday night or waiting until the night before and cramming is probably the worst thing you could do. Study in periods throughout the day, like three or four hours after class, breaking for food and a brain break, and then four or five more in the evening. Remember that sleeping is important for studying too!

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5. Try to Get Some Exercise in

Before you say, but I could be studying in that time, really think about what you're saying. Are you seriously studying every waking second of the day? Most likely not. If you're anything like me, you've probably spent more time on social media than you'd like to admit. However, if you seriously are concerned about time, working out on the elliptical, treadmill, or stationary bike offers a great chance to study notes while you get your cardio in! Elle Woods, anyone?

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6. Celebrate finishing the week with a night out (or in, if that's your style!)

The best part of an insane week is handing in that last test and skipping back to your bed to nap. Last week, after test number five, I took a gorgeous nap and even went out with my friends later that night. My point is, reward yourself for surviving a crazy week! If going out isn't your style, staying in and having a movie night is also a wonderful way to de-stress from a wild week.