How to Productively Procrastinate

Let’s face it: school can be boring. Like, really boring. We have now reached that time of year when our schoolwork is increasing, but our motivation is decreasing. As I am frequently tempted to stray away from my work to pursue other interests, I try to engage in worthwhile, beneficial activities. Here are the five best ways an SMU student can procrastinate!

5 – Work on a Different Assignment

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When struggling to find the motivation to complete a certain assignment, it's totally okay to complete a different and more enjoyable assignment first. This way, you feel accomplished and proud of your achievement. Alternatively, if you fail to work on other assignments during your time of procrastination, you could feel too rushed by the clock to finish every one of your assignments by its due date. Finishing smaller, more bearable assignments before a seemingly torturous one is definitely a good way to go!

4 – Clean Your Room

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Suddenly, as you begin your work, the clutter that has resided in the corner of your dorm room for over a month now becomes an urgent matter to take care of. However, the time spent cleaning that clutter would not be time wasted. Potentially, if you neglect the clutter further, the clutter will grow and become more problematic. Disinfecting lingered dirt and dust will also improve your health and cause you to feel physically prepared to address any assignment of any size. An organized space leads to an organized mind!

3 – Can Anyone Say, “Sweat”?

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Whether it’s a spin class at SoulCycle or a walk on the Katy Trail, exercising helps release your anxious, school-related energy. Not only that, but you may have the capability to set and achieve goals in gym-like settings. Learning how to set and achieve goals in the gym can translate into appropriate academic-goal setting, allowing you to feel accomplished and successful at all times. Take a quick break and hit the gym instead of hitting the books!

2 – Eat! Eat! Eat!

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Your work environment can seem daunting, especially when you lack drive. Going out to eat as a means to procrastinate presents the opportunity to experience a different environment and also to refuel through nutrition. Make sure to choose your food wisely, though, because, despite their tastiness, sugary foods ultimately drain your energy, leaving you worse off than you were to begin with. Nevertheless, Dallas is a domain of great food and great vibes, so you will have no trouble finding healthy choices! 

1 – Power Naps All the Way

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I know I, like many, neglect sleep due to social and academic endeavors; I also know this is not a good thing. This has caused me to have a huge dependence on power naps. Taking a quick “power nap” of 20-45 minutes will improve your alertness and performance without disrupting your nighttime sleep. Temporarily shutting the books to shut your eyes proves great success!