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How to: Plant Up Your Room

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMU chapter.


Photo by Milada Vigerova 


We all desire the chic look of succulents growing on our windowsill, but most of us struggle to make that concept a reality. Let’s be honest. Some of us are born with the natural ability to keep our plants growing strong and healthy, allowing for the most photogenic and insta-worthy spaces ever. But, for the rest of us, that is just not a reality. Unfortunately, I belong to the vast majority of us who are seemingly capable of killing a plant upon looking at it. But, don’t freak out – there’s hope. Here are a few foolproof tricks to keeping succulents alive as long as possible in order to maintain the facade that you are a gifted gardener.


  1. Step One: Pick the Right Pot

Plant your succulents in pots with proper drainage. Succulents are desert plants, meaning that they do not like to be drowned in water. So, when selecting each pot to plant your succulent in, it is key to remember to buy ones that have holes in the bottom. If you do not have a pot that has a hole in the bottom, it is suggested to put a layer of small lava rocks at the bottom of your pot, allowing any excess water to stay in this section rather than building up in the roots.


     2. Step Two: Search for Sunlight 

ALWAYS keep your succulents in the sun. It’s pretty easy to forget about the small plants during each busy week, but it’s extremely important to prioritize plants if you want them to live past the first week. Before buying plants, take a look around your room to find where the brightest sunlight hits during the day. You may have to move your succulents accordingly depending on what time of day it is.  


       3. Step Three: Watch the Water 

Don’t over-water. Succulents prefer their soil to be more on the dry side, so drenching your plant is not going to keep it alive for very long. With that being said, a little water does not mean no water at all. Typically, the rule of thumb for watering is about once a week. If you have pots that are fairly large or terrariums with multiple medium to large sized plants, you may want to think about watering them twice a week.


      4. Step Four: Pay Attention 

Do not forget about your plants! As I said earlier, forgetting about our little plant friends can be extremely easy to do when our lives are getting increasingly busier. But, if we want our rooms to be covered in greenery, we must prioritize, people.


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Kaitlyn is currently a freshman at Southern Methodist University studying Advertising and Fashion Media. She is from San Diego, California where she spends the majority of her free time driving down the coast. Her hobbies include trying new beauty products, finding the best Mac & Cheese, and petting every dog she crosses paths with. 
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