How to Nail Your Skype Interview

Let’s face it- Skype interviews are hard to pull off. It takes planning and there are about a billion things that can go wrong, from technical glitches to distractions and interruptions. If you’ve landed a Skype interview for whatever job, internship or school you’ve applied for, here are some tips to make a good impression and keep things running according to plan.

Sort out technological issues beforehand

It’s important to take a few steps to set up your computer before your interview to make sure the meeting will go off without a hitch, especially if you’re not tech savvy. Update any outdated software so nothing pops up or shuts your computer down during the interview. Make sure your volume is working. Familiarize yourself with the application you’ll use during your interview to make the video call. Charge your computer to 100 percent. Even run an anti-virus software beforehand because hey, you never know. This will give you peace of mind going in knowing that your computer won’t turn against you mid-interview. And if something does go wrong, don’t freak out. Take a deep breath, explain what’s happening on your end, and calmly fix it. The person interviewing you knows you’re nervous, and keeping a clear head if things don’t go your way will make a good impression.

If you have a roommate, ask for privacy during the interview (nicely)

Let them know what’s happening, when the interview will be, and how long you will need the space to yourself in advance. Remind them again the day of. You don’t want distractions going on in the background, and your roommate coming in and fumbling around while you’re trying to look professional is not ideal. If possible, just schedule the interview during a time you know they won’t be home to avoid conflict. Chances are, though, your roommate won’t mind.

Dress like you would for any other interview

Business casual is fine for this. Make sure you think about what will look good on camera- stripes, white, and black often don’t. Blue is a safe color for interviews in general, and it shows up well on camera. Wear something comfortable so you don’t fidget with your clothes the whole time.

And another thing. You might be tempted to dress nicely only from the waist up, since the person interviewing you can’t see anything outside the frame. Don’t do that. Because if, IF something goes wrong, you don’t wanna be caught with your pants down. Literally.

Get your hair out of your face.

Opt for a cute updo or a half-up half-down look, just make sure your hair isn’t in your face. That way not only will you look better, but you’re less likely to play with your hair during the interview.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT sit in a spinny chair.

You might think you’re sitting still, but it’s hard to resist the urge to move around and you probably won’t even realize you’re doing it. The person interviewing you, however, definitely will notice if you’re swinging back and fourth or otherwise messing with the chair at all. Just sit somewhere that doesn’t move and you’ll be fine.

Get your jitters out!

There is only one good thing about Skype interviews: there is no one around to watch you shake the nerves off before your interview. You’re probably doing this in your own dorm, apartment or house, so if you need to dance or scream or whatever it is you do to take the edge off, you can do it. It makes a huge difference when you’re able to channel your nervous energy beforehand, so definitely take advantage of it. You got this.