How to Make DIY Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day can get expensive. You might buy a gift for your S.O. and of course you have all the girls that you celebrate Galentine's Day with. Whether you are on a college budget, spent too much on one person or just want to spread the love in a simple way, DIY Valentine's Day cards are easy, nearly free and mean so much more than a store bought card. Personalize your cards with sayings that fit the person it's for. Whip out your markers, Google some puns and add some cute little doodles. The best part is that you'll have enough room to fit a heartfelt message on the inside.

Get some ideas from our writers below: 

For people who aren't huge fans of the holiday, still let them know that they're loved! Give them a succulent themes card that reminds them Valentine's day truly can be the WOAT.

For the person in your life that can be extra cheesy, let them know that you are just as punny!

For those people that have a favorite food or a weird love for something, incorporate that into your card, and you will get a smile and a laugh out of them!

Sometimes, it is nice to know that you are appreciated. This is a great style card, because it isn't too excessive with the Valentine's Day theme, but it still let's the person know that you vibe with them.

Sometimes it is fun to get a little cringey with your puns. Cut the awkward air between you and someone else, and give them a card that reminds them how wonderful they are.

For that person in your life that makes you smile constantly and makes you always feel loved, return the favor and remind them of how much you love them!

All images provided by Karna Small

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