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How To: Maintain a Bronzy Glow Year Round – The Healthy Way

Who doesn’t love a bronzy glow year round? I know I do! Whether being tan makes us appear 10 lbs lighter to even just looking like we came back from a tropical oasis, it’s a must! Why should we be deprived of it ¾ of the year. Well, I’m here to show you how to maintain a bronzy glow year round! You can be rocking a tan on the slopes or wherever!

Tinted face moisturizers: Moisturizing is essential to any makeup routine, so instead of just using normal moisturizer, switch it out for a tinted one! You’ll gradually be building a tan on your face while moisturizing, talk about a win win situation.

Self tanning lotion: You can go the most common route to maintain a glow and use self tanning lotion all over your body. Just make sure to invest in a tanning mitt so you don’t have streaky legs or orange hands. This is ideal and a very simple go-to, only con is it sometimes leaves a mess. Self tanning foam is also an option and super easy to spread on.

Spray tans: A lot of people opt out of spray tans because they worry that they will turn orange, I can vouch as can many other people that you will not turn orange. Not only that, they now have machines that you’re able to customize a tan to your skin color! You go in and out and a spray tan lasts up to a week. The only con is if you don’t purchase a membership, spray tans can get a little pricey.

4. Bronzed essentials: Of course, you can’t forget bronzer and a little glow in your blonzy glow routine. So invest in a bronzer that fits your look and makes you look like you spent the weekend sipping pina coladas reading Fifty Shades Darker. Apply it on your temples, the bottom of your nose, cheekbones and underneath your chin. Basically, all the areas the sun would naturally hit. You can achieve the natural look by applying some illuminator to show some shine also.

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