How to Keep In Touch with Your School Friends Over the Summer


Image via Giulia Bertelli 


SMU is made up of people from all over the country, all over the world, really, so there's a good chance that while you're here you may end up with friends that live too far from you to be able to grab brunch over the summer. Here are some fun ways to keep in contact! 

Handwritten Letters

Let’s be clear, I love living in this century. I love being 19 and having no children and all my teeth. I do, however, also love a good handwritten note. There’s something about the time and personalization that went into sitting down and actually penning a letter that’s really refreshing.


While you’re sitting at your desk, it’s no real drain on resources to draw something up. If you’re not an artist, that’s fine. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but your mom didn’t put your artwork up as a child because the vision spoke to her; it’s a sentimental thing. Anything from a little doodle to a full piece will be appreciated and likely saved along with you letter.  

Care Packages

Now, to keep the ball rolling, you’re going to have to make your way to the post office eventually, so you might as well make the trip worth your while. A care package doesn’t necessarily have to be large or expensive, or even really in a box. The only requirement is that it show the amount that you care. That can mean including a cute sticker sheet or some flower seeds along with your letter, a book you enjoyed, one of those semi-legal mixtape CDs, the options are endless!

Watching a Movie

If you have personal beef with your mailman or just prefer to stay connected using technology, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re limited to texting and Snapchat streaks. Another virtual option involves sites that allow you to watch a movie together in real time. This way your screens are genuinely synced up and you don’t have every joke spoiled or jump scare given away.  

Cooking Together

Another fun way to spend time together despite those pesky miles between the two of you is over video. You could talk or play a game together, but my personal favorite activity is cooking or baking because, depending on your success levels, there’ll be something to eat once you’re through.