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How to Effectively Pack Up Your Dorm Before You Have to Move Out

I am currently a senior living in my sorority house, and if there is one thing I have learned in the last four years of college it is how to effectively unpack and repack all of my belongings.


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I remember how difficult it was to pack up my dorm room during finals week freshman year. I was extremely stressed from all my exams and papers and on top of it all I had to figure out how to store all my belongings for the summer and pack everything and ship it home. School is now really kicking in, midterms are long gone, and now it’s time to start thinking about studying for finals. Yet something that should be on everyone’s minds is how to start packing up your dorm room before it’s officially time to move on out.

The best thing to do is to start small. Think: what can I do as a thirty minute study break? You could start packing up all of your winter clothes. Put any/all clothes away that you know you will not be wearing in the next three weeks. You can survive the last few weeks of school without any sweatshirts, costumes, or any of those decorations on your walls.

Start figuring out how you want to store all of your stuff for the summer. Maybe you can convince someone to split a storage unit with you at Public Storage or Extra Storage. Or investigate other companies such as Mustang Storage or Campus Storage. Maybe if you have local friends you can convince them to store your bedding and winter clothes in their garage or spare bedroom for the summer. While this all may seem extremely daunting, we promise it is incredibly important to start thinking of all this now before finals are into gear.

Catherine Lehman is a senior at Southern Methodist University studying Psychology and English. When she is not neftlixing or chilling in her sorority house she can be found at Nekter eating an Acai Bowl.
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