How to do Long Distance: Friend Edition

So the time has come when your soul mate, sister and/or other half are splitting ways. Maybe it’s due to different college choices, different career paths or even the next stage of their lives. How do you keep the friendship going? Don’t fear that because you might be thousands of miles apart, your friendship will disappear. You can keep the strong bond no matter where in the world each of you might be. Here are a few ways you can cherish that friendship forever.

Weekly or monthly Skype sessions: We’re almost constantly busy, and when you and your best friend are miles apart, it’s even harder to stay in contact, let alone see each other. If you plan out a designated time each week or month to have skype sessions, you can catch up on all that has been happening in their lives while seeing their facial expressions and emotions. Yeah, it might be through a computer screen, but it’s better than not seeing them at all!

Visits to one another: Depending on your budget and where your best friend lives, the amount you two will visit each other will vary drastically. It’s important to see each other in person and not just all through electronics. It’ll be an amazing feeling to see each other and feel as if nothing has changed. She can show you how her new life is or you can show her yours, or maybe you both could meet up in a tropical destination and catch up!

Daily updates: If you think the only way you and your best friend are going to stay best friends is if you text constantly, you’re wrong. Don’t get me wrong, update your friend on the little things in life all you want, but by all means, that doesn’t qualify your friendship. Don’t get irritated if you two talk less; it’s natural. You’re in two different cities with different distractions and different agendas.

Occasions: What happens when you’re graduating, or she’s getting married? These are milestone events and you can be there for each other’s life achievements. It will mean a lot and will impact your friendship on a deeper level. These are things you don’t want to miss, but if you absolutely can’t make it, no worries! You two can also celebrate in your own way.

Little ways of showing you care: A little way to show your love for your long distance bestie is in creating gift packages. Whether Valentine's Day is coming up and she doesn’t have a valentine, or it’s their birthday and you want to make a scrapbook, these are all wonderful gestures.