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Guide to a Healthy Thanksgiving: Indulge without the Post Turkey Bulge

It’s that time of year again! Brisk, sunny days, bare trees, autumn colors, warm cozy sweaters, and of course…food! Thanksgiving is the holiday notorious for overeating, food comas, and weight gain.  This one meal alone racks up to about 3,000-5,000 calories.  Although some of us may help with a bit of the cooking, it probably is unrealistic to suggest to the main chef healthier options.  I mean, satisfying a large group of friends and family for the most anticipated meal of the year can be a bit overwhelming. If you cannot control the ingredients, control your portions and follow these tips!

  1. Get a quick walk or workout in the morning to get your metabolism going. Why not involve the whole family and suggest a hike! Also, a small breakfast will prevent going into the meal starving and thus overindulging.
  2. Survey the Buffet! See what you are working with and choose wisely.  Going in blind will result in an overflowing plate with more you can eat but will finish regardless!
  3. Your eyes are bigger than your stomach! Small portions are key.
  4. Fill your plate up with colorful veggies! The closer they are to their true, natural form the better.
  5. Selectively choose which white carbohydrates to have; rolls, potatoes, stuffing, etc.  
  6. Choose Skinless white meat = lean protein with less calories.
  7. Avoid fried and creamy dishes, ok maybe not avoid…but limit!
  8. It’s not a race! Pace yourself and chew your food thoroughly, savoring every single bite!  Take a break from inhaling your food and converse with loved ones.  After all, it is not only about the food but also giving thanks and appreciation to your family and friends.
  9. Wait at least 20 minutes before rushing to get seconds; besides leftovers are always better the next day!
  10. For desert, your best bet is pumpkin or apple pie!
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