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A Girls Guide to the Upcoming Basketball Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMU chapter.


With SMU’s basketball season on the horizon, there will be plenty of hype around the games. That being said, it is much better if you know everything you need to about the sport, the new coach, and the new season, and who better to learn from than a basketball junkie herself. After this, you will be able to sit with a group of basketball fans and seem knowledgeable about the sport.

 First things first, the sport itself. Basketball is a simple sport to follow, but an incredibly hard sport to play. The most important aspect to know of the sport is that there are three options for scoring: a three point shot, a two pointer, and a free throw which is worth one point. If you can understand the scoring aspect of basketball you will be able to sit through any game with the biggest basketball junkie around and follow the game. Fouls, traveling, double dribbling, rebounding, pivoiting, etc. are all aspects that a player needs to know about but a simple viewer can get away with not knowing.


The most important thing any SMU student should know is that Larry Brown is the new basketball coach. Larry Brown played at the collegiate level at the University of North Carolina and proceeded to play professionally in the ABA. He then retired to being a basketball coach at all levels, college and professional. He is the only coach in the NBA to lead eight different teams to the playoffs, along with being the only person to ever coach two NBA franchises in the same season. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as a coach in September 2002. The fact that SMU has managed to get a coach that is widely considered as one of the greatest coaches in basketball history, sets the stage for an exciting new season.

 Tickets for this upcoming season went on sale Monday, Oct. 29. There will be 14 games in the newly renovated Moody Coliseum. The first game of the season will be November 11th at Moody Coliseum against Loyola Marymount. It’s time to make the basketball season as exciting as when football season comes!