The 'Friends' Christmas Episodes Ranked

9. “The One with Christmas in Tulsa”—Season 9, Episode 10

What Makes it Christmas? Chandler can’t be home for Christmas because he is working for the holidays. The whole episode is basically a flashback to how good home is, and Chandler quits his job so he can go home.

Why this ranking? Everyone hates clip show episodes. They just didn’t have enough material to make a new episode.

8. “The One with the Creepy Holiday Card”—Season 8, Episode 9

What Makes it Christmas? Ross’ all-too-serious girlfriend Mona proposes they send out a holiday card. Ross is not to pleased.

Why this ranking? Nobody gives a damn about Mona.

7. The One with the Inappropriate Sister”—Season 5, Episode 10

What Makes it Christmas? Phoebe collects donations for the salvation army. She is a teensy bit too aggressive, posting signs and yelling at people who get too close to the buckets with drinks.

Why this ranking? Not enough merriment!

6.  “The One with Phoebe’s Dad”—Season 2, Episode 9

What Makes it Christmas? Monica tips everyone in her life with cookies instead of money, and people are… not happy. The radiator breaks during their Christmas party and turns the apartment into a sauna, and Ross is convinced it’s because they tipped the super with cookies. The boys give everyone presents for a gas station after they failed to meet Phoebe’s dad.

Why this ranking? The boys give gifts as if they are living on a college budget. We love it.

5. “The One with the Girl from Poughkeepsie”—Season 4, Episode 10

What Makes it Christmas? Phoebe plays a terrible Christmas song. Joey briefly works at Monica’s restaurant (so that she can fire him, and show her employees who’s boss), and he likes the holiday tips too much.

Why this ranking? We love this song, and we love seeing Joey be a terrible waiter.


4. “The One with the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve”—Season 6, Episode 10

What Makes it Christmas? Joey is dating his roommate Janine, and she takes him and Ross and Monica on the Dick Clark NYE special. Monica and Ross do a ridiculous dance.

Why this ranking? THE DANCE!

3. “The One with the Monkey”—Season 1, Episode 10

What Makes it Christmas? All the friends pledge not to have dates for their New Year’s Eve party… but all the friends end up with dates. By midnight though, their dates have disappeared, and Joey ends up kissing Chandler.

Why this ranking? The friends’ have complete solidarity, until they don’t but they all end up together again. Plus… Joey kisses Chandler.

2. “The One Where Rachel Quits”—Season 3, Episode 10

What Makes it Christmas? Joey sells Christmas trees and Phoebe freaks out when they chop up the dead ones. They fill Monica’s apartment with the dying Christmas trees.

Why this ranking? It’s so sweet to watch them try to make Christmas special for Phoebe, plus we get to see Ross be a fake Girl Scout.

1. “The One with the Holiday Armadillo”—Season 7, Episode 10

What Makes it Christmas? Ben is finally not a baby, so Ross wants to teach him about Hanukkah. He tries to get a Santa costume, but all he can get is an armadillo, so he uses this to talk about the Jews in the desert. Chandler shows up as Santa. Joey shows up as Super Man, for some reason.

Why this ranking? Finally we get to talk about Ross’ Jewish background! Plus, we get to see all the boys in costumes. It’s pretty cute.