Five Last Minute Halloween Costumes Using Things You Already Own

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, but it always seems to sneak up on me! Don’t let a lack of costume preparation prevent you from shakin’  your spooky thang this Halloween season! Here are five RIDICULOUSLY easy costumes for you to rock on the 31.


1. Damien from Mean Girls


Image Via Popsugar

What you’ll need:

- Jeans

- Sweatshirt

- Sunglasses

          ... and that's it. Literally.

Optional: Quote sign



2. The Bachelorette

Image via Pinterest


What you’ll need:

- Formal Dress

- Heels

- Rose


Optional: Lots of guys drooling over you!


3. “Sandy” from Grease

Image via People


What you’ll need:

- Black top

- Black pants

- Red heels

- Red lipstick


Hair: Curl the heck out of it, and show off your new “bad girl” look!


Optional: Bubble gum, hoop earrings



4. Kim Possible

Image via Pinterest


What you’ll need:

- Black Top

- Green (preferably cargo) Pants

- Combat boots


Hair: Straightened

Optional: Goofy sidekick with a naked mole rat!



5. Wednesday Adams

Image via Pinterest


What you’ll need:

- Black dress

- Black tights

- White collared shirt

- Black shoes


Hair: Put your hair into two braids!

Optional: Dark lipstick



Didn’t I tell you these were going to be easy? Now go throw on your outfit, get out there and have a SPOOKtacular time! 

And, yes. You should eat that extra piece of candy. ;)