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It’s early November and fall is in the air on campus! It’s easy to look around and see campus thriving in the beauty of the leaves and the abundance of pumpkin spice lattes. Even though I live on campus, I love heading out to Whole Foods to explore and adapt my eating habits to that of the holiday season. Here are three meals that are quick and easy to make from the fall spread at Whole Foods

1. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

I was incredibly excited to see the roasted pumpkin seeds at the front of the nuts section because they add such a great element to pastas and salads. It’s a really quick meal to put together regardless of salads or even pastas. I, unfortunately, cannot cook in my Residential Commons except on those special days but adding a little pumpkin seeds really brings out the flavor of lean meats such as chicken and fish.

Courtesy of Whole Foods

2. Organic Butternut Squash

I am the farthest thing from a squash fan and when I was younger, you could always count on listening for my audible groan when my mom placed it on our Thanksgiving table. Lately, I’ve been looking into fun ways to incorporate such a hearty and valuable vegetable into my diet. It was almost a last minute decision to grab the vegetable but as I started researching meals, I noticed that Butternut Squash ravioli was pretty good inside not only ravioli but as a soup and a garnish on other foods.  

Courtesy of Whole Foods

3. Quinoa

Rice bowls often are staples at healthy eating locations but I never considered to be particularly a fall meal. However, throwing in some turkey, low-fat dressing, nuts and avocado can resuscitate even the driest of ingredients, including quinoa. Quinoa is a low fat alternative to rice and most other kinds of starchy carbohydrates and it’s a particular favorite in my fall diet!

Courtesy of Food Network

My fall haul was on a college student’s diet so it’s easy to modify. Healthy meals are usually categorized to be expensive but enjoying the new season shouldn’t be rough on the wallet or diet. Happy fall and when in doubt, Whole Foods is almost always the answer!

Trina is a first year at Southern Methodist University, majoring in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. Originally from Wisconsin, she moved to Plano, Texas for high school, where the sweet tea convinced her that the South was her home for the rest of her life! She plans on pursuing a career in banking or in research and speaks Spanish fluently. Trina is a major foodie and has a serious case of wanderlust. She has been to forty states here at home, and also plans on hiking Machu Picchu next summer. For now, she plans on working for HC, continuing research and seeking out all food that the wonderful state of Texas has to offer!
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