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Fall Break: How Home is Different from College

So, we are now getting into midterm season and Fall Break can’t come soon enough. Whether or not you are headed home for the next few days, the break is much needed for students campus-wide. However, for those of us who are going home, you might notice a few major things that are different than campus.


  • Sleep. At home, you definitely get more sleep because you aren’t living in Fondren and you aren’t stuck trying to sleep when people in your dorm decide to be inconsiderate at 2 a.m.
  • If you have a car on campus, you might be incredibly tired of having to walk to your car in the parking garage and climb however many flights of stairs. At home, you can walk right outside your door and your car is sitting there, waiting for you.
  •  Home cooked meals. If you’re anything like me, you might be getting really tired of Mac’s place or the cafeteria food. The thing that can make your food misery dissipate for a while is a nice home cooked meal, whether you make it yourself or not.
  • Of course, you see your pets again, if you have any. There’s no more explanation needed.
  • If you live in a dorm that has communal bathrooms, you can once again enjoy your own bathroom. No more walking into the bathroom to see some unsavory things in the sinks or showers.
  • One thing about home that is different than campus is that you won’t be able to walk 5 minutes to see your friends. At home, you have to make an effort to drive to their house, which, if you’re like me, sucks because driving sucks.
  •  If you’re like me, you over-pack. What if your friends decide to go hot tubbing at 1 a.m.? You need a bathing suit for that! What if your parents want to go out to a nice dinner to celebrate you being home? You need a nice outfit for that! Packing is always so stressful for me because I pack for every occasion possible.
  •  A major difference between home and campus is the stress levels. You may still have tests looming over your head during break, but somehow stress is always lessened a bit at home because you aren’t constantly surrounded by other overly stressed individuals and you have some peace and quiet at home.

So, if you do happen to go home for Fall Break, here are some differences to look forward to or that you may notice in your absence from campus. Just enjoy your family and friends, and have a few days of quiet time!


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