Fall Accessories for Your Dorm/Apartment

Fall has arrived, and with it, all the accompanying ways of celebrating the holidays and the new weather– from fall outfits with cozy sweaters to drinking all the pumpkin coffee drinks. However, one way I think we sometimes neglect to celebrate the arrival of autumn is by decorating our own living space. Fall and winter decorations make me so excited for the holidays, and it’s so easy to add a few simple décor items and really change up your space. Whether you go all-out or just add a few new touches here and there, I have some cute ideas to get you started. 

  1. 1. Twinkle Lights

    Books, harry potter, nescafe cup, lights

    Okay, this isn’t necessarily just a fall decoration, but I think some cute twinkly lights can really make your room feel more festive (if you don’t already have them). Target and Urban Outfitters both sell several different kinds. I’d recommend some long ones that you can string around your bed or above your living room couch. It helps give you that feeling of cozy fall ambience, and your friends will probably especially appreciate it if you’re in a dorm and are tired of that harsh lighting. 

  2. 2. Pumpkins

    This may seem like a pretty basic fall décor item, but I’m a fan of the classics. I’d recommend fake mini pumpkins, especially if you’re in a dorm, but some real ones that you carve with your friends could be a fun activity. Stacking a few near your doorway or putting them in the window is super easy and is a great one-step trick to immediately make your living space more autumn-themed! Target has some great mini ones that come in different colors for just $6.00. 

  3. 3. Candles

    I am a huge fan of holiday-scented candles, and now that fall is here, all my favorite brands have come out with great scents. Adding a candle that’s in a fun scent like pumpkin spice or pine is a great way to get you in the fall spirit if you don’t feel like doing any actual decorating. Most of them come in cute packaging, so they can make your room look a tiny bit cuter. It’s also something that you can enjoy year-round and you won’t get as many weird looks from your roommates as you would have if you just started putting up pumpkins in the middle of July. My favorite candles are from Anthropologie – they have a really wide variety of scents, sizes, and prices!

  4. 4. Throw Pillows

    cozy bedroom interior

    Ever since I started college, I’ve been super into throw pillows. They’re both functional and cute – especially if you’re in a dorm, they’re a great way to make your space feel a lot cuter with minimal effort. You can have as many or as little as you like, but if you go with two or three, you can mix and match colors and prints. If you buy just one or two in fall colors, it can make you feel a lot more festive, even if you’re just lying in bed watching Netflix. Urban Outfitters and Target are my go-to places for throw pillows. I’d also check out Home Goods and Amazon – they all have a ton of cute options for great prices!

  5. 5. Paint your own 

    three paint brushes

    One of my favorite activities to do with my friends is buy some canvases and cheap paints, pick a cute yet easy painting off of Pinterest, and recreate it. It’s easy, fun, and makes great decorations. I’d recommend painting something like leaves or pumpkins. If you just have reds, oranges, and browns, it’ll look fall themed! 

Now that we’re probably spending more time in this fall than we normally do, it’s even more important to have a space that you love. If you’re struggling to get into the holiday spirit, or just want a change of scenery, try out these options!