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In Defense of “Fuller House”

I have a secret and I’m ready to come clean. I enjoy “Fuller House.” After a long day of class, there’s nothing better than cuddling up in pajama pants with a pint of Blue Bell and catching up with the Tanner/Fuller Family. Look, I know I’m in the minority here. “Fuller House” has been inundated with bad reviews, including choice comments such as, “the most excruciating TV…ever broadcast” and “a point where nostalgia becomes more like necrophilia.” And I’ll admit, the show probably won’t be the saving grace of Dave Coulier’s career. But hear me out.

“Fuller House” is cozy. It’s not “Mad Men,” but it makes me feel good inside. The fun nostalgia is a perfect way to escape from stress and worry and just enjoy yourself. The show features: wholesome humor:

Cute kids:

And strong female friendships:

Plus, it has very, very beautiful men.

Men from the past, like Steve.

And the Honorable John Stamos.

But don’t worry. The show also introduces some new favorites as well. Like Jimmy Gibbler, Kimmy’s hunky, but equally clueless, brother.

And Matt, the sexy southern vet who literally waltzed out of a romantic beach read.

And, of course, Fernando.

Hot, hot Fernando.

So beautiful, it isn’t fair Fernando.

Fernando, the great dancer.

And the great gift-giver.

In short, “Fuller House” is the TV equivalent of chocolate chip cookies. It makes you feel warm inside without the long-term commitment that watching “Gilmore Girls” entails.  Also, Fernando is amazing. That is all.

Feature image provided by Youtube

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