Carlo's Bake Shop Comes to Dallas: Worth the Hype?

On opening day people were lined up around the block to experience Carlo’s Bake Shop, a New Jersey based bakery known from the TLC series Cake Boss. As a dessert lover (like everyone else in the world), I was excited to try Carlo's take on a cream puff or lobster tail. So, I got a few friends together and we decided to try Carlo’s on Wednesday night. We found the end of the line and an employee told us they had already cut it off- it was only 8:30 p.m. Thankfully Marble Slab is next door so at least we got some dessert before heading back to campus. At this point I only knew one thing: the lines are crazy. How can one pastry place be so good? Why do people want to wait for hours just to get some cupcakes to go?      

I went back the next day with a couple of friends who were ready to brave the long line. We waited for over two hours before getting in the building. There are big windows lining the side of the bakery, so you can see the chefs baking and decorating. Members of Buddy’s family who have been featured on the TV show were working too. This part was pretty cool and made the time go by much faster. When it was our turn to order there were tons of treats, but they were out of several items because it was getting late. I chose three desserts: a cupcake, a lobster tail and a cannoli.


I tried the Oreo cupcake and it was more comparable to Umph’s bakery cupcakes than I would have liked. The cake part was amazing, but in my opinion the icing fell short. Next time I’m in the mood for cupcakes I’ll probably just go to Sprinkles. Overall rating: 5/10.

Lobster Tail

I would say this one was above average. They do not skimp on the cream and the shell was flaky and delicious. That being said, I would not recommend these for a romantic date. Flirting with crumbs all over your shirt and crème filling on your nose isn’t cute. Save this treat for a night in with Netflix. Overall rating: 7/10.


I normally cannot stand cannoli, but this one was amazing. There were chocolate chips mixed in with the filling and the shell was just a little soft. Carlo’s Bake Shop prides themselves on their cannoli recipe and they should. When I go again I’ll probably just get a half dozen cannoli and call it a day. Overall rating 10/10.

Carlo’s Bake Shop is definitely an experience and I would recommend spending a few hours to check it out. Just make sure you have enough time and the patience (and footwear) to stand outside for a couple hours. They start cutting off the line a little after 7 p.m. for a 9 p.m. closing, so be prepared for that as well. Starting next week they should be taking online orders. All you have to do is place your order and then go pick it up. Easy right? And skipping the line: even better. I’m glad I went, but I probably won’t go back unless I know I can be out in less than 30 minutes.

Carlo’s Bake Shop is located on 8319 Preston Road in Dallas. 

Feature image via School Press