Can You Not? A Community Bathroom Saga

College is a time of growth, expanding your horizons and learning to get along with new personalities from every corner of the earth. That all sounds pretty great until you realize the community requires sharing everything: uncleaned microwaves, illnesses, sleeping quarters and what should be a haven of hygiene, bathrooms. For those who did not learn how to share in kindergarten, here are a few tips on how to use a communal bathroom.

1. Can you not leave the entire sink and counter soaked?

I don't like looking as though I've spilled something all over my shirt after coming back from washing my hands. I'm not that messy, and if you are, then I'm sure you know how to clean up. Don't leave a puddle; it's really not that hard if you're taller than a toddler.

2. For the love of everything good, get your hair out of the shower.

Don't leave it on the walls and don't leave it in the drain. EW. I don't care how much shampoo was in it, just because it's clean hair doesn't mean you get to make it my problem.

3. Please don't spit all over the mirror. Please.

Are you 4 years old? No? Good, so you should have the motor skills to brush your teeth like an adult! Try spitting into the sink like one, too. Maybe you like seeing white spots on your reflection, but save it for your home away from SMU. Looking at your DNA is not how I want to start my day.

4. Don’t hog the mirror either.

Some of us take longer than others in the morning, it's totally understandable. But if you're hanging out with your roommate in front of the sink, and I clearly need to wash my face, MOVE. If you're braiding your hair, spare a little room so we can both use a mirror. If you think my bedhead is crazy, just wait until you stop me from fixing it. Then you'll see some REAL crazy. If the Spice Girls can all share one mirror, I think the two of us can make it work.

5. Flush. Always flush.

There is no "if it's yellow, let it mellow" here. NONE. If it didn't go the first time, then FLUSH AGAIN. If it's just toilet paper left, then FLUSH AGAIN. If you were raised in a barn, go to the bathroom outside, because I don't want your leftovers lurking.

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