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Campus Celebrity: Will Slack

Earlier this month, all of our parents were dazzled and delighted by SMU’s Parents Weekend. The organization, and man, behind the scenes was Student Foundation and Will Slack. A current junior and Hunt Leadership Scholar, Slack’s tireless efforts and months of planning culminated in one of the university’s most successful weekends in recent history. Weathering the storm, literally, Slack not only planned a great slew of events but also made himself a household name and an SMU campus celebrity. I had the great pleasure of interviewing Slack about his experience as Parents Weekend Chair.

How did you initially get involved with Student Foundation and planning Parent’s Weekend?

Slack: I got involved in Student Foundation the fall of my freshman year at SMU. I wanted to join SF because I knew it would give me an avenue to sharpen leadership skills, be creative, and work with great people. I started as a general member, I was Family Weekend Talent Show Coordinator my sophomore year, and I became Family Weekend Chair in January of this year – it has been a great experience thus far.

What made you choose the Disney theme? 

Slack: The Disney theme was a committee wide decision; the Family Weekend committee is comprised of 6 coordinators and myself. We were searching for a recognizable, relatable, and memorable theme. “SMU: Where Dreams Come True” allows SF to display our school as a place where parents can send their children to help them realize their dreams.

Any good stories so far about over zealous or under appreciative parents? 

Slack: We received several emails from parents angered by the game time change. Ultimately, the time change was out of our hands, and we realized many families already had pre-exisiting plans. It was a lesson in flexibility – Student Foundation took time change in stride.

What is one place in Dallas that you always or always wanted to take your parents? 

Slack: My parents and I have a tradition of trying a new restaurant every time they visit. I suppose this gives me a good excuse to eat out and try the restaurants before I take my parents – call it research, call it quality assurance. We always enjoy trying new restaurants.

What was your upbringing like/what are your parent’s like?

Slack: I am very grateful for my upbringing. My dad is a very relaxed, logical, and patient person, and my mom is very outgoing, thoughtful, and generous. My dad’s laid back demeanor is a great compliment to my mom’s type-A personality. However, my parents are both deeply faithful people, something I would like to think rubbed off on me. Being an only child I spent a lot of time with my parents – while they are my parents, I see view them more as friends.

What is your favorite part about SMU? 

Slack: My favorite part of SMU is the people. The people are what attracted me to the university, and the people are keeping me here. One’s behavior is a direct reflection of the people they spend time with, and SMU offers the best. That’s why I wanted to come to SMU, I wanted to get to know the people who call this great place home.

What else are you involved on campus with? 

Slack: Aside from Student Foundation, I serve as a Student Representative to the Board of Trustees on the Student Affairs Committee, and I am the Student Advisor to the Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility Board. I am very grateful to hold both of those positions; they have allowed me to meet great people I wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to meet. Serving on two boards is also giving me great experience and insight into the role of a board member – I would like to serve on the board of a non-profit one day.

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