Boulevarding Essentials!

The leaves are changing, back-to-school sales are over and Boulevard season is in full swing! Pony Up! Big screen TVs, barbecue smokers and wine cocktails; it’s the on-campus block-party that keeps on going. Want some ideas that could make Boulevarding easier and more fun? Here are some essentials for making Boulevarding run more smoothly!


Essential #1: Phone Fan

Let’s face it, it might be autumn, but we are in Texas, and while the periodic breeze or tall solo-cup of sweet tea may provide some relief, there is another option. Powered by and available for both iPhones and droids, this little contraption will help keep the cool breeze in your face and help you get through the boulevard without a sweat…mostly.

Image via Pinterest


Essential #2: Clear clutch

What is the boulevard, if not a huge runway? As such, of course, style is a must as you promenade on the boulevard. Wait until you see these bags! They are stylish and meet the stadium’s security policy!! These clutches come in all colors and styles and the perfect bag whether you’re tent-hopping on the Boulevard, or cheering from the stands.              


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Essential #3: Got to have them Sunnies

It is your choice, whether Armani, Versace, Tory Burch or Ray-Ban, keeping “Le Soleil” out of your eyes is essential. A “must have” for a Boulevard are sunnies! Got to have those highly fashionable sunglasses, to block out the sun and “go with anything” statement pieces!


Image via Unsplash


Essential #4: Platform shoes

Keeping a head above the rest is always an essential for being seen. Do you find yourself “vertically challenged” or just want to feel tall? Want the height but not the pain? We have the perfect idea: platform sandals or gym shoes for comfort! These give you the height you want and come in all the styles!  



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Essential #5: Fun Jewels

Remember if all else fails; accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! With the fan, the bag and the shoes, the only thing left is the bling. Conventional is always an easy bet, but when “Boulevarding,” remember the good old saying “Go big or go home!" You’ll need something to make your outfit pop with spirit, so why not add some fun and colorful jewelry? Fuzzy earrings to glittering bangles, anything to fit your unique style.


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When all is said and done, remember that Boulevarding is community-forming, color-showing and spirit-chanting fun for all ages. Be (and show off) the best “SM-YOU” you can be! Stand above the crowd, show off your team spirit, keep cool and most of all: PONY UP!