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Boardwalk on the Boulevard!

When family weekend comes around, students usually carry a variety of mixed emotions. Some freshmen looking forward to seeing their family to ease their case of first month home sickness, other sophomores unwilling to let their family hinge on their newly secured freedom, but no matter what everyone’s brewing with excitement for the SMU vs. TCU home game.

Every year, the Student Foundation organization hosts all types of events on campus, including homecoming, peruna palooza, and family weekend. This year the family weekend committee decided to do something original for the theme, going for a combination of both beach and carnival. Inspired by the old school, hit TV show Boardwalk Empire, it was only a matter of seconds before the theme had hit it off with the committee. Back in February, plans were already being made for food, decorations, and entertainment.

This year has been record breaking for Student Foundation with over 1,000 families registered for this upcoming weekend. Make sure not to miss out on any activities! With a family luncheon at noon Friday, followed by the faculty meet and greet, Taste of Dallas, and the 37th annual talent show, you have a variety of options for family friendly fun. Obviously, the boulevard barbeque on Saturday, as well as the game are a must, followed by an all university worship Sunday morning.

Furthermore, additional changes were made to the schedule in order to ease the stress for first-time family weekenders. Restaurant guides will be provided for the families from out of state whose kids are in dire need of anything other than Umph. Also, a freshmen tent will be set up to make it easier for freshmen to have a place to go.

Enjoy the décor of sand pails, seashells, and surfer bros, but most importantly, relax and kick back on the boardwalk!

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