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The Best Restaurants to Take Your Parents to

SMU campus is about to get a bit more crowded! This upcoming weekend SMU will host Family Weekend. Family weekend is a great time to try and convince your parents that you actually are doing some studying in addition to your nights out in the Big D. Family weekend will consist of parents on the boulevard, remember to keep on eye on them, mandatory trips to NorthPark, and keeping your act together for one whole weekend. In between all the fun you need to make sure to fuel up for the next big event. Her Campus has compiled a fool proof restaurant guide for family weekend; whether you are new to Dallas or wanting new ideas we have a spot for you.

Breakfast/Brunch: Post Home Bar activities with the family, everyone may need an extra pep to start off their day. Bread Winners is the perfect cure. Bread Winners will start off your brunch with complementary treats from the bakery. To quench your morning thirst they have great coffee or even a frozen mimosa. You can choose from eggs, french toast, fresh fruit, waffles or opt for lunch items such as a salad or sandwich. I personally recommend any of the egg scrambles, but whatever you choose you will not be disappointed! Bread Winners has locations in Uptown and Inwood Village.

Lunch: If your family is looking for something fast and on the lighter side then Dive is the spot for you. Dive serves a variety of salads and wraps and has some of the freshest seafood. If you don’t like seafood have no fear; although that is what they are known for they also offer chicken and veggie options. The atmosphere is a great off the coast feel and it is very reasonably priced. Dive is located in Snider Plaza, very convenient and close to campus.
Since we do live in Dallas it is necessary to take your family to an amazing Tex-Mex restaurant. I have lived in Dallas for a year now and have tried my fair share of mexican restaurants but my number one choice is still Mi Cocina. Their queso and guacamole are a must have, just remember to cut off the bowl of chips if you plan on boulevarding after. The fajitas are a popular choice of SMU students and you can try something new with options such as the sunset fajitas. The only con of Mi Cocina is they do not take reservations, however, you can always get a margarita while waiting for a table. Mi Cocina has locations in Highland Park Village and West Village.

Dinner: A great spot that is not as popular with students but definitely worth the visit is Avanti. Avanti is an Italian Bistro with an intimate feel that features live music every night. The menu consists of mainly pasta dishes but in addition there are seafood, steak and salad dishes. One perk of Avanti is their Friday and Saturday hours are until 3 a.m. I would recommend eating earlier but you never know what will happen come family weekend. If you are a mussels eater then by sure to get those to start. Avanti is located in Uptown.

This last restaurant is one that can truly not be missed, Nobu. Nobu is the ultimate Japanese cuisine experience. At Nobu they serve you in a specific order: cold dishes, hot dishes and sushi/sashimi. Seafood, chicken, beef, and tofu are all offered on their extensive menu. For those who love their greens there are also wonderful vegetable choices. The best way to order at Nobu is family style; everyone agrees on two or three dishes (depending on your family size) per each course and samples them all. Be on the lookout as well, many celebrities have been spotted there; most recently Kevin Bacon was seen on September 8 by SMU students. If you choose to dine at Nobu you will have no regrets only a dent in your wallet. Nobu is located in Uptown. 

I hope you are satisfied with the recommendations I have provided for y’all. After visiting any of the restaurants you will be left happy and satisfied. Happy Family Weekend SMU!

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