Best Comfort Shows For Avoiding Your Stress

It's that time of year when classes are ramping up and the workload can sometimes feel unending. I know after a long day of zoom meetings, homework, and just general stressers, it can be nice to curl up and watch some tv to destress. Here are some of my favorites when I need to destress!

  1. 1. Gilmore Girls

    Watch one episode of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore navigating life in their small town of Stars Hollow, and you will be instantly hooked! Filled with tons of humor, romance, and just general entertainment, this show will definently help you to relax. 

  2. 2. Glow

    This show is a fictionalized take on the real life wrestling show that puts women at the center of wrestling! This inspiring story is funny, heartwarming, and a little bit dramatic, and will definently be entertaining! 

  3. 3. The Good Wife

    A high stakes legal drama might not seem like the most obvious choice for a relaxing binge watch, but trust me, it will keep you captivated from the first episode. Follow Alicia Florrick, a lawyer who goes back to work after her husband, a former states attorney, is removed from office after a scandal. It's dramatic, fast-paced, and will make you forget about stresses in your own life as you become invested in the characters'.

  4. 4. Santa Clarita Diet

    This show is about a women who overnight is changed forever: she's a zombie! It's funny, fantastical, and will make you laugh like crazy! 

  5. 5. New Girl

    Perhaps my favorite show on the list, New Girl follows Jess, a girl who has recently been dumped, who moves in with three guy roommates. Hilarity, romance, and more ensue!

There you have it, five extremely bingeable and comforting tv shows! I hope that at least one of the items on this list inspires you to take a break and check it out!