All the guys you’ll encounter this semester as told by Netflix

So the semester has kicked into full gear, and you’ve probably met a multitude of guys all ready. Whether they’re your dorm neighbors, the guy who sits next to you in your lab, or the one you met out last night, here they are as told by Netflix.

The Eric Foreman:

This guy is cute, goofy, innocent and everyone’s best friend. He probably has a few of your friends crushing on him, but he is currently doing long-distance with his high school sweetheart and having a hard time balancing it. He’s not afraid to vent to you about it either. No thanks, bud.

The McDreamy (Derek Shepherd):

If you don’t have your McDreamy yet, you will. He’s the beautiful guy you probably met the first week of school, and he will be your crush throughout the rest of your college days. He’s not just beautiful, though. He’s smart, probably in your hardest lab and gets through it with ease. He’s also like the nicest guy too, always says hi, makes conversation with the weirdest kid in class, and is unbelievably courteous.

The McSteamy (Mark Sloan):

We all know a McSteamy. He is the bad boy who’s hot and great with words. He’s the one we know we’re better off without but can’t quite cut off (probably because he knew exactly what to say and when to say it). He’s the one who seems like you’re his one and only when he talks to you, but all 12 girls he’s talking to think the same thing.

The Andy Dwyer:

This guy is nice, but utterly obsessed with you in the weirdest way. He doesn’t ever take the hint that by not responding to his last 75 texts you’re telling him you’re not interested. He’s also the guy who’s ambitionless and spends his time getting as high as his hopes that you’ll respond to text number 76. Ew.

The Schmidt:

This is your stereotypical fratstar. Always works out in a shirt that probably actually fit him when he was 5 and sends you snaps of himself in the gym mirror. He thinks he is hot stuff; is he attractive? Yes. As hot as he thinks he is? Absolutely not. He's well dressed, and great to shop with when he's not hitting on you in the most aggressive ways; cat calling is not beneath him. However, when this guy finally does let his real feelings show, he can actually be a surprisingly sweet gentleman.

The Chuck Bass:

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll meet the Chuck to your Blair this semester. The attractive, (maybe a little bit snobby?), heartbreaker. He has his plethora of girls that he isn’t secretive about at all, but truly wants you. He’s the one you disagree with more than you agree with, but you can’t help but feel attracted to. Now this may not be the Upper East Side, but if you’re lucky your ending will be the same.