All the Best Gluten-Free Alternatives Money Can Buy

I’m sad to report that I am gluten-sensitive. I know, life is tough. And no, I’m not one of those fad followers who says she’s gluten-free but actually isn’t. I discovered I couldn’t eat gluten two years ago, and I’ve spent those two years trying to get around my dietary restrictions. Usually, that means taste testing every gluten-free alternative in the grocery store in a desperate search for something that tastes similar to its gluten-ful friend. I have found a few miraculous alternatives that taste nearly identical and many others that are close enough to be edible. 

While science disagrees with Seth Rogen, gluten-free living sometimes feels like you’re pretty limited. These days there are luckily a lot of options for traditionally gluten items that are now made without gluten. I have compiled a list of my all-time favorite gluten-free alternatives so that you don’t have to suffer through bland, crumbly gluten items like I have. You’re welcome in advance.  


Birch Blenders Paleo

This is my most recent discovery and I’m so happy I found it! Even my friends who don’t need GF foods eat this because it’s so delicious. This mix is affordable and actually healthy because it’s not filled with a long list of unpronounceable ingredients. The magic in this mix is cassava root. I don’t know what that is, but I’m told it’s a vegetable. Whatever it is, it makes some damn good pancakes. And the Birch Blenders mix is easy to make, so it’s a quick breakfast item for your busy mornings and pancake cravings. 


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Guilty pleasure snack

Bamba Peanut Butter Puffs

One of the toughest parts of being eating gluten-free is the lack of mindless snacking foods. Luckily this delicious peanut butter puff has got you covered! Like cheese puffs, these peanut butter puff snacks are delicious, craveable and not particularly healthy; they’re the perfect guilty pleasure.


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Glutino Pretzel Twists

I’ve converted a lot of people to Glutino’s pretzels because they’re so crunchy and don’t really get stale. These pretzels have the same salty and satisfying flavor as regular pretzels, but they’re gluten-free and extra crunchy. Since GF has become so pervasive, these pretzels are also available in almost any grocery store and for almost the same price as your usual Snyders pretzels.


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King Arthur Flour Brownie Mix 

Pastries have been the biggest struggle for me to handle since going GF a couple of years ago. As the daughter of a baker, I was used to eating cookies and brownies and every pastry imaginable. Luckily since I’ve gone GF, my dad has joined in my mission for finding alternatives, and we’ve discovered King Arthur Flour’s whole selection of GF options. King Arthur Flour’s Gluten Free Brownie mix is particularly good; with the same gooey texture and rich taste as regular brownies, this mix is a winner through and through.


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Bakery – Unrefined Bakery. Grocery Store Brand – Canyon Bakehouse

Sandwich bread is the most difficult GF item to find that tastes even close to regular bread. Usually, GF bread is crumbly and bland, making it impossible to use for real sandwiches. Unrefined Bakery, with a few locations throughout Dallas, has a bunch of bread options that they’ve magically made so they don’t crumble, and they actually taste good. If you don’t live in Dallas, or don’t want to go to a bakery, Canyon Bakehouse is the closest alternative available in most grocery stores. The bread holds together and comes pre-sliced so you can stick it in your freezer and only take what you need.


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And one more suggestion – go to True Food Kitchen and ask for their gluten-free pita wrap. It’s far and wide the best GF alternative I’ve ever had, and they even use it for pizza dough! If they’re willing to sell you some, buy it. If not, just keep going back to True Food and ordering GF pizza because who can live in a world without pizza?!

So there you go. The most craveable gluten categories now have alternatives! Go forth and live a healthy life of moderation and good choices.