9 Ways Your Life Changes When You Join a Sorority

Bid Day is basically a life changing moment. These are the nine things you've totally experienced since running home from Hughes-Trigg.

1. You start spending all of your time at brunches and dinners. I mean, how else are you going to get to know your new sisters? 

2. You invest in a lot of costumes. Between mixers and big little reveal, it's like Halloween all over again. 

3. You have at least 15 new GroupMe chats that have a knack for blowing up in the middle of class. 

4. Your social media is exponentially better, thanks to the help of cute bid day pics and all of the new followers. 

5. You see someone wearing your letters everywhere you go. 

6. So. Many. T-shirts. 

7. You have no more free time, but in a good way. 

8. Big little is the most exciting week of your life. Being showered with gifts? Yes, please!

9. You realize how lucky you are to have incredible new sisters by your side.