9 Texas road trips to take this semester

Spring Break is right around the corner. If you’re planning on staying in Dallas this year, here are nine road trips that aren’t too costly, or too mainstream (Austin or San Antonio), and way more fun than staying on campus. Even if you already have Spring Break plans these would also make great weekend getaways throughout the semester.

For the granola-nature-lovin’ girls there is:

1. Mason County: Located just northwest of Austin, in Mason County, go to Seaquist Ranch to hunt for topaz. They provide you with all the equipment and you can keep what you find.

2. Gorman Falls: After a short three-hour drive, you can stretch your legs by hiking to the Falls. Bring your Eno and fall asleep to the sound of the water– maybe if you stay long enough you’ll come back from Spring Break looking like you were in Mexico, too. 

Courtesy of Texas Outisde

3. Medina River: If you really want to be one with nature, try kayaking the Medina River located just outside of San Antonio or check out the Cascade Caverns located just south of Austin.

For the Insta-perfect picture, without getting dirty check out:

4. Cadillac Ranch: Outside of Amarillo, this ‘ranch’ won’t even need a filter. The Cadillac’s are all painted in a multitude of colors and are sure to up your like-game. 

Courtesy of Route 66 Landscape

5. Boyd International Exotic Animal Sanctuary: Just an hour away, this animal sanctuary is the perfect day-trip. Who doesn’t want a picture of them holding a tiger cub on their profile?

6. Municipal Rose Garden: With a travel time of an hour and a half max, the Municipal Rose Garden in Tyler is perfect for a day-trip as well. While there isn’t much else in Tyler, feeling like the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland surrounded by roses is totally worth the barren trip. Plus, I just gave you something to play off of for your Insta caption. You’re welcome.

For those in it for the food (so everyone, really) these places are the go-to:

7. Daingerfield Greer Farm: Only two hours east of Dallas, Greer Farm is heaven for anyone and everyone who loves berries. You can get a basket and pick for hours; when you’re done you can stop for lunch or grab some freshly made muffins from the bakery. I don’t know about you, but, to me, that sounds berry good. 

8. Wiseman House Chocolates: If berry picking isn’t your things, then drive two hours the other way to Hico Wiseman House Chocolates. There, you can watch the chocolates being made or even take a class on how to make them yourself. After that, indulge on the melt-in-your-mouth sweets.

Courtesy of The Day Tripper

And if you’re like me, and you’re all about berries and chocolate, take a trip to both. Maybe you can dip your freshly picked berries in your freshly made chocolate. There’s a winner.

And lastly, for those feeling lucky:

9. Winstar World Casino is your place. After an hour and a half drive directly north you can’t miss this huge casino. Just make sure you’re as lucky as your feeling once you’re there. You don’t want your not-so-costly trip to end up costing as much as it would have to go to the beach for a week. 

Courtesy of HBG Inc.