9 Hidden Tattoo Locations

Tattoos are adorable and a way to express yourself in a creative way. However, for some reason, tattoos are frowned upon in the workplace. To remain professional yet hip, hidden tattoos are the best option. Here is a list of locations that will help you get as many tattoos as you want while keeping them hidden from your boss. 


Image via Revelist

Location 1: Under Boob 


Image via Revelist 


Location 2: Hip


Image via Glamour 


Location 3: behind the neck


Image via Revelist


Location 4: ribs


Image via Pinterest 


Location 5: pelvis


Image via Popsugar


Location 6: toes


Image via Glamour


Location 7: low ankle


Image via Revelist


Location 8: inner lip


Image via Birdstattoo


Location 9: butt tattoo

Tattoos are one of my favorite ways of expressing myself, yet I didn't want it to hinder my ability to work a prestigious job. I hope these hidden locations for tattoos help you plan your next tattoo while focussing on your future. Please share with your friends so they can also know how to express themselves in a concealed fashion.