9 Hidden Tattoo Locations

Tattoos are adorable and a way to express yourself in a creative way. However, for some reason, tattoos are frowned upon in the workplace. To remain professional yet hip, hidden tattoos are the best option. Here is a list of locations that will help you get as many tattoos as you want while keeping them hidden from your boss. 

Location 1: Underboob


Image via Revelist

Location 2: Hip


Image via Revelist 


Location 3: Behind the Neck


Image via Glamour 


Location 4: Ribs


Image via Revelist


Location 5: Pelvis


Image via Pinterest 


Location 6: Toes


Image via Popsugar


Location 7: Low ankle


Image via Glamour


Location 8: Inner lip


Image via Revelist


Location 9: Booty


Image via Birdstattoo


Tattoos are one of my favorite ways of expressing myself, but I didn't want it to hinder my ability to work a prestigious job. I hope these hidden locations for tattoos help you plan your next tattoo while focussing on your future.