8 Dorm Decorations To Do Over The Summer

No matter what your big summer plans might be, there always comes the point in the summer where you're left thinking what should I do today? Instead of reading another book or binging another season of your favorite show on Netflix, break out your paints and glue gun! Here are eight crafts to work on over the summer slumps to get your dorm looking Pinterest-perfect.

1. This adorable DIY Favorite Map Panel.

2. Motivational Paintings to help you through your toughest days.

3. These on-trend Cute Succulent Friends.

4. Unique Organizers to keep the chaos at bay. 

5. Wall Garlands to add a pop of color.

6. DIY Fridge Magnets...because how else are you going to make a mini fridge look cute?

7. This cute Dallas, TX Poster.

8. Polaroid Picture Wall to remind you of everyone you love.