6 Things that Inevitably Happen Whenever You Call Home

College is an exercise in independence, and while it's great to be on your own and feel like an adult, most of us definitely need to call home from time to time. This is especially true if you're like me and your family is super far away. Whether you're calling for homesickness, advice or just to say hi, a few things will inevitably happen every time you pick up the phone to call home. 

1. Mom and Dad still can't figure out FaceTime.


It doesn't matter if you've used it a million times to call them. They'll still struggle to get the camera working, to turn on the mic and to choose an angle where you can actually see them. You'll spend the first half of the call talking them through how to use the technology. This used to be annoying, but we're used to it by now. 

 2. Your dad asks about SMU sports. 

Now you might love sports and be able to chat about SMU basketball for hours. I have sat through exactly one entire SMU football game and had no clue what was happening. I have never in my life expressed an interest in sports or any knowledge regarding them. However, my dad will still always inquire about SMU Athletics as if I had a clue. Solution? I've started pulling up season records before getting on the phone so I actually have some answers for him!

3. You listen to an entire story about a person you don't know at all. 


Your mom spends 30 minutes talking about "Aunt so-and-so" or a distant family friend and you politely follow along- but inside you're thinking just one thing: Wait, who is this person again? You try to conjure their face but you can't. You just don't remember your third cousin Becky or her son in law. Eventually you just give up and search them on Facebook. 

4. You have to repeat yourself constantly. 


For some reason it's impossible to chat with everyone at one time even on FaceTime. People are in and out of the room and the TV is usually blaring in the background and your mom is trying to talk to you while also washing dishes. Life is chaotic, and talking on the phone just gets more complicated if you have a bigger family. You inevitably have to tell the same story over and over and answer the same questions as the phone is passed around. 

5. Someone will ask about your love life. 

It doesn't matter that you're only a junior in college- your parents are eager to see you married and get some grandkids. They might have asked last week- but hey there's a chance you started dating someone since then. Thus, you will be asked, every single time, about the status of your love life. Your parents are more passionate about #RingBySpring than any college woman has ever been. 

6. You're reminded how much you love your family.

They might be crazy, and your weekly phone calls might be hectic, but they're yours and they're awesome. Being away from your family for months on end can be hard, but at least there's FaceTime.