6 Struggles of a girl who's always busy

1. Having to schedule time to spend with friends- And gosh it's awful. Where did the fun part of college go?

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2. Planning weeks in advance, and there's no such thing as last minute plans:

"Oh, you're going to a concert? Sounds awesome! When?"

"… Tonight, of course."

"Couldn't we have talked about this two weeks ago before I had three events scheduled?"

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3. Having an EXACT amount of time for each activity. "If I finish my 3 o'clock meeting before 3:45, I should be able to get to my 4 o'clock on time, and to my 5 o'clock if that meeting finishes by 4:55…"

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4. Breakfast? Is that still a think people do? Oh! Right, that's the food that some people have with their coffee.

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5. If you use a physical planner, it's about twice as thick as it started with all the things that go in it. Was there ever a time it wasn't as thick as 'War and Peace?' Honestly, if all the events and papers that went in it were laid out, it would look something like this:

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6. There are weeks where sleep is just a word, not something you do.

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