5 Ways You Can Advocate for Gun Control from Home

Here are five ways YOU can get involved in the push for gun control from home. 


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1. Be informed and Teach Others

The best way that you can advocate for gun control effectively is to know your facts. Do some research and pay attention to the news. With the push for gun control being at the forefront of recent media, updates on information are constantly being made regarding the subject.

2. Use Your Social Media for Good

Do not be afraid to let your voice be heard by spreading awareness about the need for gun control on various social media platforms. No matter how large or small your social media following is, your words can make a difference and people will hear you. If you are afraid to spark controversy on your page, another option is to only post facts rather than opinion, which eliminates opportunities for potential arguments between followers. Also, your representatives and higher political leaders most likely have social media accounts, so feel free write to them through social media as well.

3. Donate Online to Gun Reform Organizations

There are many organizations that aim to reform gun laws but can only be herd with the help of their supporters. So, make it a priority to donate even a few dollars to the cause. If you are not in a position to donate, join their mailing lists to stay current with any information they may release.

Here are a few organizations to take a look at:

Everytown for Gun Safety

Women Against Gun Violence

The Brady Campaign



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4. Register to Vote

It’s important to research which political figures are endorsed by the NRA, so we can make sure we are only supporting candidates who are not obligated to back the Fifth Amendment. One way we can do this is by voting. Voting is often overlooked, as exemplified in the 2016 election when only 58% of the eligible voting population actually voted. However, change cannot be made unless we all participate, so make sure to vote for your voice to be heard.

If you are a Texas citizen, a platform to register to vote can be found here.

5. Write to Your Local Representatives

Writing to your local representatives is the most direct way to get them to listen to your views on gun control. Feel free to let them know how you feel, and if you are a student, it may be effective to tell your representative about fears you have for your education being impacted by the Fifth Amendment. For information regarding how to contact your local representative, start with this website, as it will tell you who your district representative is. From there, you can find information on who that person is, their political beliefs, and ways to get into contact with them.


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