5 Ways to Power Through the Final Week of Your Worst Class

The final weeks of the semester are approaching! But, in a class you hate, those weeks can feel like an eternity. You know, that class with the freezing cold room, the unexciting professor, and the dense readings. Meanwhile, your motivation for doing well in the course may have waned by now. Don't worry though, we've got your back! Here are five tips for powering through those final weeks of your least favorite class. 

1. Find something to look forward to. This can be difficult, but finding something positive to associate with your class will keep you from dreading it. For example, my worst class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but those are also the days food trucks come! So when I'm really not feeling it, I grab some boba to make class just a little more bearable. Find some way to treat yourself and do it before/after class and you'll find yourself looking forward to that part of your day.

2. Make friends in class. You might think it's too late in the semester to reach out to your classmates, but this is actually the perfect time of year to introduce yourself. Why? Finals. Everyone is frantically searching for study buddies for finals. So, don't be afraid to say "hi" to the kid next to you! Ask people if they want to start a group message for finals. I actually made great friends last semester by bonding over our mutual end-of-the-semester panic. Meanwhile, seeing a friendly face in class, or having someone to vent to about the homework, will make the class endurable. 

3. Go to office hours. 

If you're really concerned about your performance in this class, it may be time to meet with your professor. Obviously, don't go in crying about your grade or asking for extra points, but do ask how you can improve your performance over these final weeks. Ask if your professor has noticed any trends in your work that are keeping your grades low. Most importantly, ask how they would study for the final if they were in your position. Professors have spent a lot of time as students, especially in the area that they teach. They probably know a lot of great tips for studying that subject. 

4. Make a schedule for your remaining work. Don't let fatigue keep you from accomplishing what you need to accomplish. Make a very clear list of every assignment you have left for this class. Break up bigger ones like term papers into tasks. Then, put the due date next to each one and try to have homework and papers done a little bit early. Every time you check something off the list, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that's one less assignment you'll ever have to do for this class. Also, staying ahead in the course will help alleviate the feeling that the class is controlling your life. If you routinely have to stay in on the weekends to finish work, you'll obviously hate that class. But if you control the work, instead of letting the work control you, you'll feel a bit more powerful. 

5. Remember to take breaks. Studying is important, but so are you! Remember to look after your mental health. Schedule time for breaks, hanging out with friends, and focusing on other classes. Don't let one terrible class define your semester. Make sure you're spending time on other things, and yourself, so you can avoid feeling overwhelmed or hopeless about this class. At the end of the day, your well-being overrides getting an "A."