5 Ways to Be More Like Elle Woods

I had the privilege (yes, it is a privilege) of re-watching "Legally Blonde" with my best friend. She wants to become a lawyer but she had never seen the movie, which is crazy, right? Anyway, watching it again as a college student with a different perspective on the adult world, I was so surprised at how easily I fell in love with the blonde heroine again. Whether you are a natural blonde, dyed blonde, or any other hair color under the sun, Elle Woods reminds us that we as women are truly capable of anything we want exactly as we are. Here are five ways you can be more like our favorite pink-clad lawyer.

1. Beauty and Brains are never mutually exclusive

In what was supposed to be a comedic punch-line, Elle Woods' appearance is one of her greatest strengths. Yes, she’s blonde, she’s curvy, and she puts effort into her appearance. When she first arrives at Harvard, she is shamed for her Malibu Barbie aesthetic. However, this never phases her, because she loves who she is. To us girls watching it, we are reminded we can love what we wear and even more be proud of who we are. People are always going to have their opinions about whatever we wear but it’s up to us to feel comfortable in our own skin. While other characters are quick to take jabs at her appearance and lifestyle, Elle got into the same law school, didn’t she? We are all extremely intelligent women for whatever major we are in, and we have the freedom to live our lives in our own aesthetic.

Being productive is fueled just as by our motivation internally as it is externally. If you need to get to work, wear whatever makes you comfortable. Like Elle Woods, I find that when I’m looking for extra motivation, I tend to dress up: I do something with either my hair, makeup or my outfit. I remind myself that I feel best when I look a little *extra*.


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2. Put in the work for your goals

Elle Woods skipped Greek Week, got a tutor, and was one-point shy of a perfect score on her LSAT. Yet, she was kicked out of her first class at Harvard for not being prepared. When Elle realizes she wanted something, she turned her energy around and went after it with no doubt in her mind that she would fail. She constantly reminds herself about what she is striving for and it pays off in the end.

Pay it forward to yourself when you study! Remind yourself of what you are working for so you always have reminders to keep pushing through any obstacle you face. If Elle Woods can do it, so can you!

3. Be nice to anyone and everyone  

Elle Woods was open to talking with anyone even though some were opinionated against her appearance alone. They didn’t know her and made it clear they didn’t want to know her, but that never stopped Elle from trying. She stood up for herself when it mattered but she was vulnerable when others needed her help. It’s important to remember that everyone is a different person than what their outfit may be trying to say to the world. We can’t judge people based on what they wear. Elle also reminded us we can’t really judge a person’s actions either until we know their side of the story. Everyone has their insecurities and their defense-mechanisms, but we can always remember to be open and never stop giving people chances to be nice.

Be like Elle and remember that first impressions are not always right! Try to really talk with someone when you’re first starting to meet them and always be nice.


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4. Be confident in your achievements

From the first moment we meet Elle, she is so sure of everything. She thinks she will marry Warner, that she will get into Harvard Law School, that she will have the happy ending she always dreamed of. She has the same optimism and positivity that Wonder Woman has—there is no doubt of any kind and it’s clear to see. In our normal lives, if anyone acted like they had an ounce of this confidence, we would call them crazy. How can they be so fearless when the world is, for lack of a better word, real? That’s something we all need to take away from Elle Woods. If we had her positivity and confidence, who knows what we would challenge ourselves to do?

Elle’s parents were extremely supportive of her decisions and it was clear they valued her for everything that she is, not what she isn’t. Call your mom and ask her to remind you of how much of an amazing woman you are. We should all call our moms a little more anyway.

5. Have faith in others and yourself

“You must always have faith in people. And most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself.” While faith is a word usually linked to religion, in this context, it is the leap of faith we take when we trust someone. Emmett had faith in Elle that she would win the case even thought she was only a first year with no other practical experience. Elle had faith that Brooke Windham never committed this crime with only the knowledge of her reputation. Elle had faith in her abilities as a woman: she was president of her sorority with a 4.0 GPA who was accepted into one of the most competitive law schools in the world.

Take it from Elle, a leap of faith is necessary to live a life you would never know is possible until you go for it.