5 Tips to Make a Killer First Impression on your New Professors

They say that professors know what a student's final grade will be within the first month of school. The trick: crank it out in the first month of school and make a kick-ass first impression that will last the whole year long.



Your professor can't get to know you if you're not in class! Seriously, just go to class.

2. Ask plenty of questions!

Asking questions is a great way to (1) make sure you understand the material to the best of your ability, and (2) show the professor that you're engaged and interested in their class. 

3. Do your dang homework! 

No one likes homework; you have to do it anyway, though.  You can't participate in class if you don't know what you're talking about! 

4. Go to your professors' office hours

Ask them questions, review the homework, have them look at a draft of your paper. Your professors have office hours for a reason -- they want to help you succeed! However, don't go to office hours to ask inane questions or try to suck up. Show your professor that you care about the material, not your grade. 

5. Last but not least, PAY ATTENTION! 

Don't text in class, don't mess around on your computer, and don't talk while your professor is lecturing! 

Now go forth and kick ass, my scholars! 


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