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5 Things Lazy Text-ers Can Relate To

If you're anything like me, you hate texting. It's annoying, can be read about a million different ways, and overall it's just a lousy way of communicating with someone. However, if you're like me (and the rest of the human population), you still like attempting to have a social life, so you text everyone about everything. Combining your dislike of texting with your ongoing texting habits and you probably are a lazy texter. So, here are five things I, and probably every other lazy texter, can relate to. 

1. Sending the wrong thing to the wrong person

Being a lazy texter means not double checking who you send your messages to and then probably not clarifying that either... whoops didn't mean to send him that... eh I'm sure he'll figure it out. 


2. Forgetting what you meant to text someone, resulting in multiple texts at once...

Could all ten of those texts have been condensed into one text message? Yes, probably. Oh well.

3. Not correcting your spelling errors

Auto correct is both a blessing and a curse and lazy texters know this all to well. No, I'm not drunk; I'm just sick of retyping the same word over and over only to find a different word in the text, I'm sure you can figure out what I mean. 


I figured you knew divorced meant Disney... 

4. Forgetting to respond

Sometimes we think we'll respond in a few minutes and then just forget. Other times we have it all typed and then never hit send. Then there's times we "forget" to respond because we're "busy" watching Netflix.


5. "Call me." is one of your most typed texts

Being a lazy texter, you never want to type long stories, so instead, you give everyone you text a mini-heart attack of concern by sending to simple words, "call me".

Gabby is a sophomore at SMU majoring in Creative Advertising and Fashion Media and minoring in Graphic Design. She is a member of Tri Delta, and she loves traveling, puppies, and all things art. You can follow her on Instagram @gabrielle_grubb
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