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5 Things to do tonight for a better tomorrow

Sometimes your day is just subpar. Nothing monumental goes wrong, but when you get in bed at night you find yourself thinking “that was not good.” Maybe you didn’t love what you wore, or feel guilty about skippig the gym. Maybe, despite your best effort, you were just slightly behind schedule the whole day. 

Personally, I think these days are some of the worst because they can happen continuously for a while. With a truly bad day, or a bad week, you know the tides will turn eventually. With subpar days, you can never seem to truly shake them. So after careful, interweb research, I have composed a list of things you can do to start tomorrow off on a better note.

1. Take care of your skin

I cannot stress this one enough. Nothing is worse than rolling out of bed, looking in the mirror and thinking “ugh.” It kills your confidence and mood before you’ve even had to face the world. Break out the cleansers, makeup remover, and moisterizers now and you’ll thank yourself in the morning.

2. Pack your bag

Pro tip: If you print out that essay, fill up your water bottle, and put the right books in your bag tonight, you will not forget any of them tomorrow morning in the rush to get out the door. (Whaaaaaaaattt?!) There will be no rushing home between classes to get something or begging your friend to print out your homework because you will have already collected everyting you need. It’s like magic, except adults call it being prepared.

3. Decide what your wearing 

Baring a freak flash flood or unseasonable snow storm, the wether app gives you a pretty good idea of what temperatures and conditions tomorrow will bring. Planning an outfit the night before saves you from staring into your closet thinking “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” for 10 minutes. You can opperate on auto-pilot and be confident that you match. Despite Dallas’s notoriously fickle weather, save yourself the headache and take this step seriously. Just maybe don’t plan a whole week of outfits. It’s still Dallas.

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4. Clean up your space

Apatment and dorm life alike, things seems to scatter themselve everywhere during the day. Turning off Netflix 10 minutes early and clearing your desk and haning up the clothes on your chair (or floor, no judgement) will give you a feeling of order. Plus your room won’t be such an eyesore when you get up tomorrow.

5. Make a realistic to-do list

Keyword: Realistic. Don’t put 85 bullet points starting with “do a semsters worth of reading” and ending with “establish world peach after being crowned Miss Universe” because it is just not going to happen. Make your list managable and you’ll impress yourself with your productivity. The key is prevent feeling overwhelmed. You also won’t have to stress that you forgot somehting because it’s all written down, ready to go.

Best of luck tomorrrow! It’s going to be ok!

Hannah Claire Brimelow is a Junior at Southern Methodist University, majoring in English and Communication Studies and minoring in French. After her December 2016 graduation, Brimelow intends to continue on to law school and, eventually, work on international adoption policy and children's rights issues. When not writing for Her Campus SMU, she enjoys traipsing around around the world and pretending she's a Texas native.
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