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5 Texas beauty bloggers you need to check out

Before moving to Texas, I considered myself pretty beauty savvy, but there are some extremely stylish ladies here that showed me that I needed to learn a thing or two. Here are five Texas beauty and fashion bloggers that helped me transition into southern style. 

B.Y.O Beauty – Courtney

This Austin native has a fun style that mixes classic pieces with bolder and edgier pieces. Her beauty recommendations are always on point, and her hair tutorials (feat. her perfect, perfect hair) are the key to a Texas look.

Photos Courtesy of B.Y.O Beauty
Pretty Shiny Sparkley – Kristina
Kristina, of Pretty Shiny Sparkley, is a Dallas native, and perfectly captures the Highland Park style. Not only is she a fabulous blogger, she’s also a medical school trained anesthesiologist. Brilliant AND beautiful. #dreamlife. Kristina’s blog reaches over 150,000 readers per month, and for good reason.
Photos Courtesy of Pretty Shiny Sparkly
The Every girl is the best blog for busy college women transitioning into the working world. There are fashion tips for the office, career profile, travel tips, health eating tips, love advice, and beauty tips galore. This is basically your mom in a blog.


Photos Courtesy of the Every Girl

One Small Blonde – Brooke
Brooke, the creator of One Small Blonde, went to school in Dallas and currently runs her own digital marketing company, Muse Media, alongside being an amazing beuaty and fashion blogger. Brooke’s fashion sense is naturally very Highland Park-esque, and her photos are always gorgeous. Her beauty section is a bit smaller than some of the other blogs, but she does a great job of reviewing high end products, as well as drugstore products. 
Photos Courtesy of One Small Blonde
Nicole, who brunches and swatches lipstick in Houston, is the creator of Lipstick and Brunch. (Can we talk about how amazing the name of this blog is?) Her style in beauty and fashion is clearly communicated through the fun and colorful design of her website, and her bold color choices inspite me to incorporate bolder and more coloful prints into my wardrobe. 
Photos Courtesy of Lipstick and Brunch
Hi! I'm the beauty crazed one here at Her Campus SMU. But I also love food, coffee, shopping, traveling, laughing, and of course, writing. You can also find me rambling on about cosmetics and my dogs on my Youtube channel!
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