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5 Shows to Binge Watch if You’re Sad the Election is Over

So, the 2016 election is finally over. That sentence, for most people, is absolutely thrilling. But a handful of us political junkies will miss the drama, scandal and chaos that has characterized this year’s events. So if you’re a lover of all things political, and you need something to fill the election-shaped hole in your heart- tune in to these shows! 

1. ​Scandal

Okay, so this one’s obvious, but it also had to be included. “Scandal” is the political drama. It covers everything: presidential affairs, elections, and military conspiracies. It features some of the best-written and most complex female characters on television, such as Olivia Pope and Mellie Grant. “Scandal” also can get super dark, with intense torture scenes, so it is NOT for the faint of heart. 

2House of Cards

Just like “Scandal,” “House of Cards” is incredibly dark. This Netflix drama follows Frank Underwood, House Majority Whip, on his tumultuous and twisted rise to power. The show features political intrigue and some of the smartest and most surprising plotlines in modern TV history. Mix in sass, seduction, and one of the most multifacted “political wife” characters to ever appear on film, and you’re in for a treat. If you’re interested in the backdoor deals, and backstabbing that goes on in politics, this show is for you. 

3. The Newsroom 

This show isn’t directly a political drama- meaning none of the main characters work for the government. However, it has all the features of the best political dramas- quick dialogue, plot twists, and lots and lots of chaos. This Aaron Sorkin drama follows the staff of a cable news show on their mission to produce quality journalism. You see them quickly respond to crisis, conduct intense investigative reporting, and deal with issues of national security. There is a focus on all things political as they cover huge events like a national election, and it’s actually hilarious to watch the main characters try to get honest answers out of polished politicians. It also features on of the best opening scenes ever. 

4. Veep

This show isn’t a drama, but instead a piece of brilliant political satire. Selina Myer is the partially unprepared and completely hilarious vice president of the United States. The show features hilarious dialogue, crude insults, and some pretty accurate depictions of the daily antics of Washington. Even though she’s prone to angry outbursts and egotistical rants, you find yourself rooting for VP Myer and her staff! The show definitely deserves all of the Emmy Awards it has collected over the years! 

5The West Wing 

This show is the OG political drama. They invented all staples of the genre, like the fast-paced banter and the walk and talk. Also, you get to see all your favorite actors when they were young- like baby Rob Lowe! If you can get past some of the obsolete technology that dates the show- like calling each other on landlines- you’ll see that the political issues plaguing the U.S then are still relevant today. Also, it’s really fun to watch this, and then look for its influence on modern dramas like “Scandal!”


Grace is a sophmore at SMU. Besides Her Campus, she's a member of the UHP, Sigma Phi Lambda, and the SMU Debate Team. 
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