5 Options for Accessorizing your Going Out Look!

It's a Saturday night and you're currently dressed in a black top, ripped light wash jeans, and sneakers. Your make-up is finished and the Uber is called. You meet up with your freinds and they all have on a similar outfit to you. Ugh! 

I always like standing out, especially with my fashion. I like looking similar to other people, but sometimes I just want to stand out a little bit more. Accessories are one way to do this. That little extra statement piece that allows you to have a little more attention than everyone else. It's not a selfish desire, but a fun one! Here are a few ways I accessorize my going-out outfits! 

  1. 1. Statement Earrings


    This can really be any type of oversized earring! My go-to is a drop earring thats about 3 inches or a nice gold hoop. Nothing too over the top, but soemthing to add a little spice. 

  2. 2. Headband

    I LOVE headbands! I feel like they are flattering on everyone and give me such Blair Waldorf vibes. It's an easy way to not have to deal with my hair too.

  3. 3. Belt

    Disco Ball High Waisted Jeans Party Fun

    I know everyone is tired of seeing the black Gucci belt, but there are some other cute options. Sometimes a think belt that's a fun color can add a little fun to your outfit.

  4. 4. Stacked Bracelets

    Woman arms and hands covered in jewelry

    This is a pretty easy accessory! Adding a few gold breacelets and a few multi-colored ones on one wrist can really make a difference. It gives you a bit of flare!

  5. 5. A Purse

    So this is kind of a no-brainer, but adding a purse to your outfit can give you a pop of color! It's also a convenience factor if anything. I always carry gum in my purse for emergencies.

Hope this helps y'all accessorize! Picking out an outfit can be stressful, trust me I have clothes thrown all over my desk chair right now, but it always helps if you have an idea if what to wear.