5 Little Things You Should Always Keep with You for Emergencies

Let me paint a picture for you. It is a “cool-ish” but blustery Texas fall day, which means it is both very windy with about 150 percent humidity. So, you make it to your destination across campus with the wind blowing from all four directions, which is making your lips chapped and your hair is flying in your face, blinding you as your stumble. You reach out to steady yourself with the railing of the stairs you were climbing and feel your hand slide across some mysterious primordial goop. You are completely grossed out!

Phew…...After all that, you get inside, your hair is whack, you're sneezing and coughing from the cold wind and your lips look like you’ve just returned from a week in the desert with no water. Finally, that goop is making you want to Frankenstein your hand because it isn’t washing off and there is a weird tingling feeling creeping up your arm.

Well, before you start shopping “Cadavers-R-Us” for a new manicure, we have a little idea for something small which can fix all those problems (well maybe not the wind- welcome to Texas)!

Consider a MEP: A Mini-Emergency Pouch. You can keep this in your purse or backpack! This little pouch will help solve all those little problems. Here are some suggestions, but you can customize it to your convenience!

1. Hand Sanitizer:

Germs rest for no person. The little buggers are working 24/7 looking for sinuses to infect, tummies to trouble and mysterious goo to hitch a ride on. For all those sticky situations (most of them) keep some hand sanitizer in a small refillable squirt bottle (a trial size can of Lysol is also a good idea) and in a pinch can be used as a makeshift flamethrower- you never know...

2. Lip Balm:

Nobody wants to be kissed by corn-flake-covered sandpaper, so, keep some handy moisturizers to turn those dry lips to kissable lips. Lip balm or chapstick or even some petroleum jelly are always good to have with you in any case, just don’t spread it on your toast.

3. Hair ties and bobby pins:

Clips and gels may tame my curls but ties and pins excite me. A few strategically placed bobby pins and hair ties will keep even the strongest autumn wind from destroying your hairdo.

4. Tissues:

Of course, as “cold and flu season” is upon us, tissues make perfect sense. However, in addition to nose-blowing, they can be used for wind-blocking, lip-blotting and goop-protective-handle-turning.


5.  A pouch: 

This little thing be whatever shape, color and size you want and whatever brand be as creative as you want! Use it to hold all of your tools to combat those every day emergencies. It's all yours put your twist on it!

There you have it-a MEP that can keep up with all your everyday needs! 



All images by Brooke Weber