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As holiday season rolls around, the dreaded and almost inevitable holiday weight gain is upon us. Pumpkin pie, gingerbread cookies and mounds of chocolate tempt us to gorge and expand our waistlines. However, instead of trying to resist the urge to divulge in sweet sin, why not try healthy alternatives to your favorite treats instead? Check out this compilation of vegan desserts guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit (without feeling the holiday guilt):

Courtesy of Chow Hound

Chocolate chip cookies

A classic sweet treat, the ol’ fashion chocolate chip cookie gets made a whole new way by adding molasses and baking soda with flour as a new kind of base. This recipe provided by Chow Hound is rated 5/5 stars and will leave you wanting to eat the whole batch. 

Courtesy of Samantha Sitt

Peanut butter banana ice cream

Provided by Tulane Spoon University writer Samantha Sitt, this “nice cream” is a two-ingredient recipe that is so simple and delicious you are almost guaranteed to love it. Simply cut up ripe bananas, freeze it, blend it until soft-serve consistency then add peanut butter and desired toppings to taste (recommended: cacao nibs, honey and berries).

Courtesy of One Green Planet

Pecan Pear Crumble

For a more hearty and homey dessert, try an easy crumble recipe instead of dealing with a stressful attempt at a pie! Pear is the surprising but delicious star of this dish, sweetened with coconut oil and maple syrup before adding oats and pecan for more bite. This comfort dessert is warm, crunchy and sweet that just needs to be topped off with vegan vanilla ice cream (a la mode).

Courtesy of The Minimalist Baker

Whoopie Pie

This healthy take on a classic childhood treat will leave you in awe; not only is the taste rich with a light, fluffy center, but one whole pie is only 170 calories!  This substitute highlights a coconut whipped cream sandwiched between two chocolate cakes that is 100 percent naturally sweetened for your pleasure. 

Courtesy of Abby Wang


One star dessert that has withstood the test of time is a brownie. Moist, rich and flavorful, this favorite dessert has been reinvented so that vegans can enjoy it just as non-vegans do without sacrificing their eating principles. This two-ingredient brownie recipe combines canned pumpkin (as a substitute for oil and eggs) and boxed brownie mix to create a sweet symphony in your mouth. 

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