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I'm going to sharing my favorite study spots around campus where you can find some peach and quiet. Some of these places aren't super popular to go to which makes it even better and some are great places for you are your friends to go to together. 

Dallas Hall Lawn

Dallas Hall is one of the most iconic buildings on campus and there's a reason. This building is gorgeous and has the best lawn right out front. On a sunny day, you can find students studying and even dogs running around. I do get distracted here easily so go if you are wanting to work with people on group projects or are in the mood to sit down and write. 

Outside Area at The Bottom of Hughes-Trigg

Hughes-Trigg is my favorite building at SMU because inside they have Chick-Fil-A, CinoTaco, Panera, and The Market (which has sushi!). I come here almost every day to eat lunch and what is also great is how much seating they have, both for those who want to talk and those who need some quiet time. Specifically the bottom level right outside CincoTaco and Chick-Fil-A. They just added new seating and the atmosphere is great, you'll definitely want to grab food or come on a full stomach because with the smells you will get hungry. 

Outside the Law Library 

The Law Library is a hidden place on the corner of campus. Right outside they have a few tables set up which I never see anyone sitting at. This is especially a great place if you are really looking to seclude yourself and not be found. There are big oak trees that protect from the sun and the quad area is never crowded with people. 

4th Floor Fondren

Fondren can be scary at how big it is. I highly recommend trying out all the different areas and figure out which is your favorite! For me, that is the 4th floor because the views are amazing. You can see the Dallas skyline and it is a completely quiet space. They have sectioned off cubical seating for those who really need to focus and then they have tables that face the outside so you can enjoy the outside without actually being outside.  

Meadows Arts Library

This library is pretty unknown as everyone goes to Fondren instead. Once you go in you'll love it and never want to go back to Fondren. The Arts Library isn't crowded and is a great quiet place to be. 

I hope you get the chance to try out these study spots around campus and find your favorites as well!

Sofia Olsson

Hi, I'm Sofia! I'm from Austin, TX majoring in Finance. Some of my hobbies include baking, running, skiing, and interior design.
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