5 Fall Activities to Do in Dallas

It’s that time of year, when the leaves begin to turn, and the weather gets cooler. With that change comes some fun activities you can do. Here is a list of some enjoyable, autumn related activities you can do in Dallas.

  1. 1. Carve pumpkins

    Two jack-o-lanterns

    Now that fall is here, Halloween is right around the corner, so what better way to get ready than to buy some pumpkins and turn them into Jack-ó-Lanterns? Take an afternoon to go to the pumpkin patch, pick some out, and make a night out of carving them at home. Bonus points to whoever can make the most creative designs! Some great pumpkin patches to check out in the Dallas area to get pumpkins include The Gentle Zoo Pumpkin Patch and Yesterland Farm.

  2. 2. Have a picnic at the park

    BBQ summer food

    Now that the weather is finally starting to cool down, it’s a nice time to get outdoors and enjoy the refreshing climate. Take a blanket and some food and you can easily have a nice lunch outdoors. This is a great activity to do, especially now, as it is easily adapted to a socially distanced event! Klyde Warren Park and the Dragon Park Gardens allow for tranquil and fun days for this type of activity.

  3. 3. Do some apple picking

    Nothing says fall like apple cider and cool weather, so apple picking can make for a great day in Dallas. Bonton Farms is a great place in the Dallas area where one can go and get some fresh produce in Dallas and enjoy a nice relaxing day! 

  4. 4. Go hiking

    Person sits on rock before a mountain at sunrise.

    This is another great activity that is very well suited for the fall weather. Get a group together and take on the trails, making for a fun and active day. In Dallas, there are a multitude of trails open for hiking, including Cedar Ridge Preserve and Oak Cliff Nature Preserve.

  5. 5. Have a football watch party

    man's hand grabbing a chip out of an orange bowl

    Okay, so this one isn’t necessarily specific to Dallas, but the fall season is also football season! Get together with some friends in your social-distancing bubble, or on zoom, and have a football watch party. Go Cowboys!

So, there you have it- five fun things to do this fall in Dallas! Hopefully they are as fun for you as they are to me!